Cape Fear Living is a lifestyle magazine local to the Cape Fear region. Our passion is to entertain, inspire, inform, and produce a high-quality magazine that has an appeal to everyone. It’s important to us to support our local arts and culture, as well as local businesses. We are local residents ourselves, and our mission it to connect businesses, residents, newcomers, and visitors together in building a stronger Cape Fear community.

Meet our team below and get to know more about the individuals working hard to accentuate the finer details of our Cape Fear region. 

Leping Beck, Publisher

Leping Beck has been a part of the Cape Fear community since moving to Wilmington, NC in 2013. Prior to moving, Leping practiced immigration and business law as an attorney in Colorado for twenty years. After purchasing Cape Fear Living the start of January 2016, Leping has been working to reshape Cape Fear Living to truly represent all of the Cape Fear region. She is happy with the progress that has been made so far to capture the heart of Cape Fear. She believes Cape Fear Living should be a magazine that all ages can enjoy, and grow in learning more about the culture, people, and art of our Cape Fear region. Leping hopes to continue to nurture the development of Cape Fear Living, inspiring to build a supportive community together.

Laura Frank, Chief Executive Officer

Laura Frank has over 15 years of experience leading and growing new and existing businesses and programs. Her previous experience includes leading several nonprofit organizations and also serving as a Director of Religious Education for Chapel Services on several military installations and serving as a Youth and Family Minister for local churches.  She has spent time coordinating events and facilitating religious dialogue for a local branch of the Religion News Service. For over 5 years, she served as the Executive Director of Upper Room Theatre company. She is excited to have the opportunity to create a multimedia magazine sharing the innovation, culture and stories that inspire and captivate the community of the Cape Fear region and to work with such a talented, creative staff. Her greatest joy is found in spending time with her amazing children.


Kharin Gibson, Editor

Kharin Gibson arrived in the Cape Fear region in the summer of 2015. She brings with her years of experience as a freelance writer and travel magazine editor from her hometown of Miami. Locally, she began writing and editing for a couple of community magazines and has been a contributing writer with Cape Fear Living. She holds a BS in Communications and MBA in International Business. Kharin enjoys the outdoors, good food & wine and meeting interesting and artistic people. She is thrilled to be part of Cape Fear’s growing and thriving community, and looking forward to getting better acquainted with the faces, the culture and the lifestyle of the region.


Samantha Lowe, Art Director/Graphic Designer

Samantha Lowe received her degree in graphic design from Kansas State University and has been designing publications for 11 years. 5 years of that time was as an Art Director for Richmond Hill Reflections lifestyle magazine, and 4 years was spent designing publications for Georgia Ports Authority in Savannah, GA. Samantha values spending time with her husband, Tim; her daughter, Kana; her son, Alex; and their lovable German Shepherd named Bear. Chocolate is her weakness, and she has a heart for serif fonts, traveling, and Jesus. Samantha and her family recently moved to the area and she’s looking forward to exploring the Cape Fear region and everything it has to offer.


Kerry Owen, Director or Sales and Marketing

Kerry has a strong background in advertising.  She began her career as an Ad Director of the Thomasville Times, a small tri-weekly newspaper. When she left the newspaper business, she entered in to sales for several National magazines… “Furniture. Retailer Magazine”, “Elegant Bride Magazine” and US Air Magazine covering the 12 Southern States.  She eventually left her career in advertising to work with her husband and his companies, land developing/modular houses. a microbrewery and a financial backer for a chain of restaurants.