Artist Spotlight: 2016 Landfall Art Show Winners

There were a lot of great winners at this year’s Landfall Art Show. Mark Bannerman’s piece, shown above, won Best in Category for 2D Mixed Media art. Titled “The Village Pub,” this piece was inspired by a small sepia-toned photograph taken in 1930 of his English grandfather. Bannerman has been experimenting with mixed media for several years. He says, “All of the various media and hidden information hopefully encourages the viewers to not only observe the piece from afar, but to also be pulled in to view it closely, often discovering more to the piece each time they look at it.” Other winners of this year’s Landfall Art Show include the artists below.



Jenny Wright – Second in Show

Wound Down

“This was truly the magic hour just before sunset. The water was ablaze with reflected colors and yet mirror-like calm with the peace of the coming night.”





Betty Brown – Best in Category: Watercolorshabby-chic_best-in-watercolor_betty-brown

Shabby Chic 







Sandy Nelson – Best in Category: Oil


“My work is not edgy nor avant-garde; it doesn’t follow fads or trends—it is simply truth, as i receive it.”




Ritsuko Stilson – Honorable Mention fullsizerender-1

Morning Whippet 






jim-bettendorf_honorable-mentionJim Bettendorf – Honorable Mention

Red Boat






newglassman-1Elena Wright – Best in Show

Golden Man 







img_2277-1Christine Sesta – Best in Category: Illustration



“Seeing a humanistic plunder inspired me to draw Ivy who I see as a guardian embedded in this old potting shed…. While drawing, I imagines her to be like my mother who always loved ivy and tending to her garden.”





red_jon-haug-1Jonathan Haug – Third in Show


“Currently I am very interested in modern impressionism coupled with realism. I enjoyed fusing these styles of painting in this portrait of a friend who is known for her lovely red hair.”





image1Justine Ferreri – Best in Category: 3D

Be Careful It’s My Heart








silver-and-gold_ellie-gilletteEllie Gillette – Best in Category: Digital Art

Silver and Gold







The following artists were also recognized:

Denn Chiappisi – Best in Category: Vessel

Jenny Colvard – Honorable Mention

Gail Guthrie – Honorable Mention

Frances La Fontaine – Best in Category: Acrylic

Mary Taylor – Best in Category: Fine Arts Photography











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