Summertime Wines – Sommelier’s Corner

Posted by - June 11, 2016

By Zak Kilson | It’s summertime and the living is easy. We live in this cool coastal community with fresh seafood available at every turn. For me, summertime brings some fun changes to my diet, a lot of which come by way of light and refreshing dishes made from our delicious little friends from the

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The Piano: Wooden Box with Strings

Posted by - June 9, 2016

By William McNeil | Nearly all of my life I have been fascinated by the complexity and magic of the piano’s beautiful sound. I learned to play the piano by ear when I was four years old, and from that time forward, the piano has been my salvation, my solace, my constant companion. Hardly a

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Mimosa Moments: That One Rose

Posted by - May 31, 2016

By Lynn Ingram | Mister Lincoln is awakening, promising to pluck my heart strings, to make me ponder again the wonders and mysteries of this world. This morning, he’s offering me just the barest sliver of red, peeking demurely out from his green cup of curly-tipped sepals. Yet soon—oh, so very soon—that small tight bud

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Blueberry summer festival

Family Friendly Summer Festivals

Posted by - May 30, 2016

By Heather Gordy | We’ve compiled a list of popular family-friendly summer festivals in the Cape fear region, ready to fill out your calendar of summertime activities. Check the festival websites for updated information, times and dates, and be sure to check the weather report, too. Enjoy your summer! Remember to take photos along the

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Reggie’s Records: Vinyl Cuts

Posted by - May 22, 2016

By Thomas Colantuono | For the past decade, older mediums of music have made a resurgence that is spearheaded by vinyl. This reemergence extends beyond a novelty nostalgia kick, as it provides the artist a chance to enhance their identity with liner notes and other inserts that digital downloads can’t allow. The ritual of dropping

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blooming natives

Blooming Natives: Gardening in Cape Fear

Posted by - May 21, 2016

By Paige Brown | Their feathers flash emerald and ruby as the sunlight reveals tiny hummingbirds moving from flower to flower on a red honeysuckle vine. A cherry laurel tree vibrates with the movement of a host of honeybees, and the cardinals are feeding their young amongst the creamy white blossoms of the dogwood tree.

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Advice from the files of DEAR PAULA

Posted by - May 20, 2016

Dear Paula, I have been seeing someone for the last six months. We are the same age, we have similar jobs and make the same kind of money. We have so much in common AND we are physically attracted to each other! The problem is that he is a mooch! He always shows up at

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Rosé Season – Sommelier’s Corner

Posted by - May 19, 2016

Zak Kilson | Here in the Port City, it’s finally springtime. This is my favorite time of year. The weather is perfect, and we’re smack in the middle of rosé season! To be fair, I think the time for rosé is every day of the year, but for some, it’s only enjoyed during the spring

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historic homes on Grace St

Historic Wilmington: Preserving Architectural Heritage

Posted by - May 17, 2016

The oldest local preservation group in the state of North Carolina, Historic Wilmington Foundation, continues the celebration of its 50th Anniversary celebration during the entire month of May, also recognized as National Preservation Month. An array of multi-generational events began with a ribbon cutting at the Hannah Block Historic USO and Community Arts Center, Second

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