A Pilgrimage across the Cape Fear Region

Posted by - May 10, 2017

Written by:  Laura Frank  |  Photography provided by: Phil Mancuso   “As I make my slow pilgrimage through the world, a certain sense of beautiful mystery seems to grow and gather.”                                                                                                     -A.C. Benson   For centuries, pilgrims from all over the world and from different faiths have embarked on the joyous and sometimes arduous journey

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Q&A From Cape Fear Family Law

Posted by - May 3, 2017

Dear Cape Fear Family Law: I was twenty, in college, and had a one-night stand.  I have a beautiful daughter from that night.  There is no father listed on her birth certificate.  I just married the love of my life and he wants to adopt her.  What do I need to do? -Wanting to Adopt

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From the Editor

Posted by - May 1, 2017

It is my absolute delight to be joining Cape Fear Living as editor. Channeling my experience as a travel magazine owner/editor from my hometown of Miami, I am overjoyed at the prospect of contributing to the ongoing success of Cape Fear Living. My goal is to further develop our audience and content to capture the

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Following the Moonlit Path: Taurus New Moon May 2017

Posted by - April 28, 2017

Written by: Shara Eisen Taurus –“All finitehood and limitations are subjective and self-created” (Meher Baba ). The bull is a creature of habit, perhaps more than any other sign of the zodiac, and thus the trick is to make sure that your habits are serving you. If you are, no doubt you will live long

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Following the Moonlight Path

Posted by - April 10, 2017

Written by: Shara Eisen Following the Moonlight Path:  Aries New Moon April 2017      Happy birthday Aries, and a happy Aries New Moon to all! This moon technically became new ( simply meaning it perfected its monthly alignment with the sun) on Mar 27 th , but we will be feeling its impact almost all

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Bringing Compassion to the Community

Posted by - March 17, 2017

Written By: Sara Beck | Photographed By: Arthur Green When I first descended the stairs leading into The Hope Center, I didn’t feel like I had walked into a homeless shelter, but rather a gathering of friends. Everyone in the building seemed comfortable around one another, and there was nothing to distinguish volunteers from the

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The Bucket List

Posted by - January 30, 2017

Above: Frances Weller- News Anchor at WECT TV, Channel 6, NBC affiliate, Wilmington, NC What some local folks want to do between now and then. Written and Photographed By: Michael Raab The term “kick the bucket” has been around since the 1700s meaning simply “to die.” I’m not certain how long the term “the bucket

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Serving Our Cape Fear Communities

Posted by - December 16, 2016

Written By: Heather Lee Gordy “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” –Mohandas Gandhi There is much we can learn from ourselves and others when we surrender to the act of service; when we become true and honest—humble to the world around us. When we can put

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Donating Time May Cut Your Tax Bill

Posted by - December 15, 2016

Written By: Beth Nelson For many people, volunteerism is about more than simply doing something nice—it’s about enriching people’s lives and making the communities where we live and work a better place. But, did you know your stewardship and goodwill may also help you reduce your taxes? Gifts given to charity and other expenses related

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Walking The Moonlit Path: Sagittarius New Moon

Posted by - December 15, 2016

Written By: Shara Eisen Walking the Moonlit Path: Sagittarius New Moon, December 2016 Happy Birthday, Sagittarius, and a happy Sagittarius new moon to all! This moon became exact just before December began, on November 29th to be exact, and its effects will be potent until the full moon on December 14th. Sagittarius is a sign

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