From the Editor- Legends of Cape Fear

Hello, Cape Fear Community!editor-photo

I have been working with Cape Fear Living since our publisher, Leping Beck, bought the magazine the start of this year. What started as an internship for me, later became a freelance writing opportunity, and now I am happy to announce that I hold the position of editor. This publication has given back to me in more ways than I imagined, and I am grateful and also excited to see all that this publication can become.

I have watched it grow from our past issues into the issue you hold in your hands at this moment—and the journey has been incredible. Of course it has been a lot of work for everyone, but each employee who came and left from our office, each writer who gave us their words for a story, each advertiser who decided they wanted their company’s name next to ours, and each individual who took a moment to pick up our issue to see what we created together, have all made it possible for us to present our current issue. With that being said, we thank all of you who have helped and encouraged us to grow.

This issue’s theme is Legends, but this is also a time for new beginnings for Cape Fear Living. So as we reminisce on the past, keeping in mind of what we can learn from beings who have walked before us, we will also look ahead to the future, expressing gratitude during this time of transition while welcoming all the new possibilities that lay ahead.

Please enjoy!

Heather Lee Gordy

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