Eight Steps to the New You!

Written By: Dr. Herbert Harris

At the end of the year, many of us think about what we can do to make the new year better than the last. After study, contemplation and making every mistake possible, I have found that these Eight Steps are valuable in creating the new year exactly the way we want it to be:

1. Assess our results over the last year.
Did things go the way we planned, or did we go from crises to crises?
If we don’t assess it, we can’t fix it.

2. Take responsibility for our life and affairs.
Whatever happened over the last year, we did it.
Once we take responsibility for it, we can make changes.
We can’t change what we don’t take responsibility for.

3. Resolve to get better.
Examining the results obtained this year, we can determine those areas to work on to get better. Resolve, everyday in every way to get better and better. If we don’t fix it, it will stay broken.

4. Realize that we may or may not get what we want, but we always get what we picture.
We must have written, detailed goals for every area of our lives describing exactly what we want. Daily visualize your personal, family, professional, financial, community and spiritual goals.

5. Call those things that are not as though they were.
Call ourselves as the person we want to be. Call ourselves a success, a champion, a winner. Call ourselves beautiful, kind, loving, happy. We become what we think, feel and call ourselves.

6. Become a student of success and happiness.
Realize that success and happiness are learned activities that leave clues. Resolve to learn, practice and master whatever it takes to achieve success and happiness.

7. Develop a success mindset, skill set and toolbox.
Mindset: positive thoughts, possibility thinking.
Skill Set: goal setting, action planning, time management.
Toolbox: a daily planner and calendar, books, training, empowering relationships.

8. Have a written game plan.
We must develop, schedule and execute a written, organized series of activities that we will perform for as long as it takes to create the life we desire in the new year.

Happy New You!!

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Dr. Herbert Harris is a retired attorney, graduate of Columbia University in New York City and author of the International Best Seller, The Twelve Universal Laws of Success. He maintains a busy speaking schedule and conducts a weekly radio program Success Beat on 1180AM, WLTT. More information at www.herbertharris.com and lifeskill@earthlink.net.

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