Fairy Tales

Written By: Catrina Tomsich and Ariana Fronti

Fashion can be inspired by different things, but for October we chose to submerge ourselves head first into the magical world of Fairies and Mermaids.


For our Fairies we fitted them in white drapery gowns to vitalize the free flow movement of mystic characters. We added flower crowns to enhance their elegant appeal.


Our Mermaids are clothed in shimmery dresses to give a scale-like illusion. Their makeup is beautifully layered and textured in greens, pinks, and yellows, to sharpen their natural features and give more mythological definition.


Photography by: Victor Thomas Jones

Creative Director: Ariana Fronti

Hair by : Emily Kantor

Makeup by: Britt Sharenow

Clothing provided by: BFF Dress Boutique

Mermaids: Scarlett Randall, Rachel Francis

Fairies: Caroline Simpson, Anna Grey

Fairy headpieces by: Details by Silverceiling

Unicorn: Sampson

Location: White Horse Farm (Hampstead)

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