For the Love of Art

For the Love of Art

By Tabitha Shiflett

Wilmington artist Kristin Gibson, popularly known for her intricate silk scarves, has recently taken a more personal approach to her artwork.

While the weather was warm, Gibson painted elaborate artwork on raw silk while standing outside of her Carolina Beach home soaking up the sun, breathing in the sea air and admiring the giant oak trees. But now that it is cooling off, she spends most of her time indoors gathering inspiration from her family and her home.

“As I paint nearly every day on my dining room easel, I have perspective into my living spaces,” Gibson says.

Chairs have become the main focus in Gibson’s most recent paintings—a chair is not simply a place to sit, but in Gibson’s mind, a place for people to “share around the table.” This humble and homey outlook on life gave Gibson a new appreciation for still life.

“The genre of still life has been where I have found my voice, and it occurs to me that this is even more meaningful now, as truly still life is a reminder to take joy in simple pleasures,” Gibson says.

This November Gibson was invited to attend the No Boundaries International Artist Colony—a two week event where artists from around the world and the local community come together to experience free expression and cross-cultural dialogue.

“I am honored and eagerly anticipating this amazing opportunity I’ve been given,” Gibson says. “Most days I work alone, and set down my brushes to care for my family—the thought of two solid weeks immersed and surrounded by fellow artists is thrilling, coupled with the thought of working side by side with artists from Rwanda, Indonesia and more on Bald Head Island is quite unbelievable,” she says.

No Boundaries Inc. was founded by Wilmington artists Pam Toll, Gayle Tustin and Dick Roberts in 1998. For more information about No Boundaries, see their website:

Kristin Gibson’s artwork can be found locally in Wilmington at Spectrum Art & Jewelry in The Forum. Her artwork is represented in seven different galleries throughout North and South Carolina. Gibson gives a portion of her sales to the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation. Visit to view and purchase Gibson’s work.

Get involved in the art community—on October 12, Gibson will participate as an exhibiting artist with Spectrum at DREAMS annual fundraising event. On October 29, come and see “Small Treasures” an exhibit opening at Spectrum that features small works by gallery artists.

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