Hair and Beauty Trends: Let Your Hair Be Free!

By Laura Mangin | Welcome to the year of organic and free hair. Let it loose and embrace (finally) your natural wild mane. While there’s always room for polished elegance, this is the season to embrace a cut that will enhance your natural texture. Save your irons for another year.

The cut that is trending this Spring is one you’ve probably seen all over the place. It’s the “LOB.” The name actually means “long bob.” The funny thing is, it isn’t even a bob. This cut falls below the chin, usually no lower than the collarbone. What stylists love about this cut is that it’s extremely versatile. The shape can be a rugged texture or cropped in the back. It looks completely different on everyone considering hair texture and thickness, and face shape. This is one cut that, if executed properly, will flatter everyone.

Everyone is very familiar with the color that is on-point right now. This year is about free hair. That includes “roots.” Hair clients are actually having their color service include “roots!” Who ever would have thought that grown-out color would be in? The shadow-root typically lightens the natural color growing in, but deepens existing blonde. If done properly, it adds depth and dimension around the face and allows you to “bleach” less often.

Balayage is also really big right now. This is simply the free-hand painting of lightener on the hair. The lightener is placed elegantly to accent places light would naturally hit the hair. It’s similar to contouring your face, but it is contouring for your hair. Balayage allows the client to see their stylist less often. Win-win!

Styling is currently all about freedom. Don’t stress over endless hours each week dedicated to your irons and blow dryers. Find a texturizing mist, putty, or crème, and apply it to your mid-lengths through ends after your hair is 70% air-dried. If you need extra texture, let your hair air-dry before bed, apply texturizing product, and either place the hair in a high bun or a couple braids. When you wake up, take it down and shake it out.

If in doubt about adopting one of this Spring’s easy-care “free hair” trends, bring four pictures you like to your stylist and have a thorough consultation. You should be able to find a cut/color perfect for you.

Now all you need to do is figure out what you’re going to do with that extra 30 minutes every day!

By Laura Mangin

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