Horoscope for July – Walking the Moonlit Path: Cancer New Moon

By Shara Eisen |

Happy Birthday Cancer, and a happy Cancer new moon to all. Included in the list of birthdays is our great nation, whose birthday we happen to celebrate right on the very day of the new moon this year. Cancer is a fertile time and sign, as the world is looking lush and green and our days are long and hopefully somewhat lazy. Children, nurturing, home, and family are featured. This is a wonderful time to be with family, move or purchase property or land, and to figure out what makes you feel most nurtured and bring more of that into your life. It is a time to think less and feel more. Our emotions are filled with important messages for us, and if we are too hurried, busy, or distracted, we can’t get this essential information.

Cancer – The focus is on you, and you can be as elusive and rapidly changing as the moon herself. After all you are the only sign ruled by the moon. This versatility can work in your favor because now is the time to romance yourself. You are ready to fall in love with yourself as never before. This has nothing to do with arrogance, and in fact, if you do it properly it has much more to do with true humility that anything else. The 2nd half of the month connects you with some flashes of how to connect this inner love with a romantic relationship.

Leo – Let’s get metaphysical, metaphysical. Next month the spotlight will be shining where it works so well, right on you, Leo. For now prepare by tying up some loose ends and preparing for this new cycle. The full moon will bring some clarity and answers to ongoing questions around health, diet, and exercise. The month ends with some exciting surprises.

Virgo – It is make a wish month, Virgo. One of the reasons you stay so busy is because this quiets your formidable and overwhelmingly undeserved sense of guilt. This can help you to shine with service, efficiency and accomplishments, and yet leave you empty and anxious. When there is too little “you” in the equation we can easily be thrown off balance. This time is about focusing on you; your dreams, visions, and deeper fulfillment. Use this time to clarify your dream and really put it out there.

Libra – You may have found yourself worrying about financial uncertainties in the past few months, so this is the time where the tide starts to turn in your favor. In the next few months you will realize that you needed this time for a deep system upgrade. Certain ideas and plans needed this gestation period and you are now moving into finding the inspiration for implementation.

Scorpio – You are completing a chapter of life that involved some hard lessons in the last few years. As a result of all that you have learned, you are likely wiser and far more compassionate than you were a few years ago, if not a little battle-weary. Assuming you rose to the occasion, you will find yourself far more relaxed, trusting, and confident, but you are only just now beginning to reap the harvest.

Sagittarius – You are completing a two year cycle so this is a perfect time for clarifying what needs to leave your life now, and what seeds you will be planting for the new cycle. Remember that the more you are willing to let go, the more space you create for the new that is ready to come in. “We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.” – Buckminster Fuller

Capricorn – Relating is important this month, culminating with the full moon in your sign on the 19th. How you handle your romantic partnering has been up for scrutiny and revision for a good while. You are learning about how to love without neediness or control, so that you can move away from co-dependence and into interdependence. At the same time, you are finding out that it is fine to simply ask for what you want.

Aquarius – New ways of communicating in your most important relationships are coming to the forefront. You are learning to share and engage more fully, with less protection and distraction. Your intimacy muscles are getting a work out this month. Flashes of insight later in the month may precipitate a quantum leap in some key relationships. “Knowledge does not come to us in details, but in flashes of light from heaven.” – Henry David Thoreau

Pisces – This month you are learning to be childlike with regards to simplicity, play, and creativity. This could be a great time to actually spend time with kids, perhaps your own, or you might even consider volunteering. Children can be the best teachers of presence, ease, joy, and trust. There will be more action heating up around your career sector later in the summer and fall, so for now use this time to enjoy what summer is supposed to be all about.

Aries – You are pulled in different directions this month as you long to stay in and be in the nurturing familiarity of your home environment with your loved ones. Yet, the winds of change keep persistently knocking, keeping you from getting too terribly comfortable. It is a great time to be in nature and begin or deepen a practice of contemplation or meditation. “There are three things that are extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self.” – Benjamin Franklin

Taurus – Though you often move more slow and steady in the world , this is a month where you find yourself with more social opportunities than you can handle, and life is generally a buzz of activity. You are curious about relationships now, even reconsidering some old values that are becoming outmoded for you. You may find some opportunities to heal some severed relationships later in the month, as you become more flexible in your outlook.

Gemini –There is so much to absorb and integrate now, as last month was eventful to say the least. While you are one of the premier dabblers of the zodiac, Gemini, this is a time where you are richly rewarded for going deep. Try to limit your social calendar this month and take care of yourself with some of the basics like regular exercise. Breathing exercises could work wonders for you now as well. “I have an existential map; it has ‘you are here’ written all over it.” – Stephen Wright


Dr. Shara Eisen is a graduate of UC Berkeley and LCCW and has run the New Hope Wellness Center since 1995. She currently practices choice-centered astrology, classical homeopathy, counseling, and is a member of OPA (Organization for Professional Astrologers). She can be contacted by email for information on consultations and appointments or details of the monthly community new moon gatherings.

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