Horoscope for September – Walking the Moonlit Path: Virgo New Moon Eclipse Sept 1

By Dr. Shara Eisen

Happy Birthday Virgo, and a happy new moon to all. Virgo, you are in the spotlight this month, and if you are like most Virgos, that is your least favorite place to be. It isn’t just any new moon, but the type that occurs approximately every 6 months, where the alignment is so very precise that the moon will pass close enough in front of the sun as to block out many of the rays for a few hours. This is known as a solar eclipse, and they are always accompanied by a lunar eclipse, approximately 2 weeks out, at the full moon. This is where we see our shadow on the moon for a few hours, again due to a particularly close alignment. This lunar eclipse occurs this month on the 16th. Eclipse months are usually a little more eventful than other months, particularly for Virgo, though Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini are also sure to find September plenty eventful. Virgo is nothing if not organized in some way, but it is not always on the physical plane. The rumors about Virgo’s color-coded sock drawer are just not always true! However, the messiest Virgo will have some sort of elaborate mental organization for working out the daily routine, the diet, or maybe for understanding others. You will see their organization show up somewhere. This is the perfect time to address a place in your life where overwhelm is creeping in, and reign in the chaos!

Virgo – With the eclipses and Mercury retrograde all lighting up your sign and your life this month, it will be important to prioritize diet, rest, and relaxation, less the excitement take you into anxiety overload. You are poised to make some changes in the next few months that will positively affect your finances. Never has there been a more important time to recognize that your efforts should contain an effortless quality, and as you learn this new way of accomplishing, life takes off as never before.

Libra –“Determine the thing that shall be done and then we shall find the way.” – Abraham Lincoln. You are possibly the best of all of the signs when it comes to manifesting your vision in this world, and if you already have that vision in mind, this is the season to implement! Your abilities are strong now, and the challenges that must be given attention are a commitment and focus that can waiver. If you learn to keep these issues in check, you can simply amaze yourself with what is possible now.

Scorpio – “One of the most obvious facts about grown-ups to a child is that they have forgotten what it is like to be a child.” – Randall Jarrell. This is a time to keep it light and playful, especially when it comes to investigating your visions, hopes, plans, and dreams. This is a great time to be giving plenty of attention to your direction. Remember that fear can be a form of negative prayer, as it puts focus on that which we do not wish to pass. This time may be ripe for letting go of old, persistent, and unhelpful fears.

Sagittarius – There is an interesting mix of magical opportunities and challenges awaiting you this month. The trick will be to avoid falling into frustration. The challenges are here to help you better clarify what you want to create and experience down the road a bit. Career opportunities are significant now, as you may be in the process of outgrowing a current gig. It is a time to dream big, while increasing your stamina around issues of discipline, focus, and receptivity. The help and input from others is critical now, so let it in.

Capricorn – “Write without pay for three years until somebody offers to pay you. If nobody offers, sawing wood is what you were intended for.” – Mark Twain. Your career is preparing to go to the next level so be very mindful now about seizing the opportunities. You have endless wisdom and gifts to share, and no problem with doing the hard work, so all that is left to overcome are some remaining confidence cobwebs. Rest assured, showtime is coming.

Aquarius – “The printed words you see are concepts. You must go through the experiences.” – St. Augustine. Travel is indicated now, so if you are unable to drop everything and hike Europe this month, consider at least a weekend in Charleston or a ferry to Bald Head Island soon. You can also use the energy to plan a trip for later in the fall or winter. You are ready for some inspiration and it will come from getting out of your routine and seeing something new and different.

Pisces –“How I wish that somewhere there existed an island for those who are wise and of good will.” – Albert Einstein. The hardest of lessons is that not everyone is as kind, loving, and altruistic as you are. This can take at least a lifetime to wrap your mind around. It is time to focus on relationships, and two key words and concepts for you are discernment and boundaries. Clearer and stronger boundaries will free you up to relate more fully and with less anxiety; you are learning to trust yourself and your choices.

Aries – “Not what I have, but what I do is my kingdom.” – Thomas Carlyle. You are truly far more motivated by experiences than you are by possessions, which is part of why you are often as upbeat as you are. Money and relationships are featured this month, with a knowing that you could be having even more ease and fun by releasing some old and stubborn ways. Expect some important meeting and breakthroughs now, especially as you realize how much more important it is to feel good than to be right.

Taurus – “When there is joy there is creation. When there is no joy, there is no creation.” – The Upanishads. Major waves of creativity are coming in to shake up your daily routine in those places that are lacking joy and have you in a rut. Your word of the month is play, so if you have forgotten how, it is time to remember. The good news is that we all have it naturally inside of us. Noticing any blocks to trusting others can only help with this process.

Gemini – “Men have become the tools of their tools.” – Henry David Thoreau. Relationships are ready to be transformed in your life as you give more attention to yourself. It is so easy to get pulled into the life of a romantic partner as well as your friends and community around you, through social media and too much input/information overload. You are much happier when you slow it all down and spend more time alone.

Cancer – “Scandal: gossip made tedious by morality.” – Oscar Wilde. Time to look at relationships and finances, and make whatever changes are needed and inspired. Cancer is known for loving security, but you are learning that the only real security can never be found in a bank account or insurance policy. This month will be about balancing pulls for both quiet time at home as well as being out where the opportunities can find you.

Leo – You are one of the most creative signs, and you are noticing that this month the creativity wants to flow in a more structured way. You have patience for practicing scales, metaphorically or actually, that will reap rewards down the road. It could even feel like it isn’t creative at all if you aren’t used to it. Go with it. There are many opportunities waiting to meet with you this month, and this new discipline will help you prepare.


Dr. Shara Eisen is a graduate of UC Berkeley and LCCW and has run the New Hope Wellness Center since 1995. She currently practices choice-centered astrology, classical homeopathy, counseling, and is a member of the Organization for Professional Astrologers. For more information on consultations and appointments, or details of the monthly community new moon gatherings, contact her at 919-423-1906 or shara.dcl@gmail.com.  

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