A Pilgrimage across the Cape Fear Region

Written by:  Laura Frank  |  Photography provided by: Phil Mancuso


As I make my slow pilgrimage through the world, a certain sense of beautiful mystery seems to grow and gather.”

                                                                                                    -A.C. Benson


For centuries, pilgrims from all over the world and from different faiths have embarked on the joyous and sometimes arduous journey to a sacred place of significant historical and/or religious meaning. Pilgrims often travel by foot over many days and weeks and embody the spiritual embrace of ascetic poverty. There are also pilgrims that travel with all the modern conveniences available today. Regardless, the goal of a pilgrim is to create a deeper spiritual connection to their faith, God, or the Transcendent.  It is about embracing new experiences that can alter perspectives and present new ways of seeing and knowing the Sacred.

A pilgrimage can also take place in our own corner of the world. The Cape Fear region is the perfect backdrop to delve into the symbols, landscapes, people, and structures that encompass the religious and spiritual history of our surrounding area.  Our changing spiritual landscape and the awe-inspiring natural beauty surrounding our region, provides an opportunity to cross boundaries, both literally and figuratively, and explore the diversity of our spiritual culture. We will meet new neighbors and discover different meanings to the sights around us. We will introduce our Cape Fear Living audience to the artists and practitioners of the healing arts who share their connections with universal energies.

Join me each month on a pilgrimage across the Cape Fear region as we examine all aspects and all voices.

A beautiful mystery calls from the crashing waves and wind-swept trees to the brick lined streets of Old Town and the strange inscriptions on our buildings.


Laura Frank

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  1. This is fantastic! What thoughtful, well written content. I can’t wait to explore connections to the Sacred – spiritual and natural – with the lovely Laura Frank.


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