Pleasantly Graceful: A Dress For Every Occasion

Written By: Heather Lee Gordy | Photographed By: Kimberly Dam

With Valentine’s Day and formals coming up (or maybe you’re wanting a date night out with some friends), you may be on a lookout for a new styling dress. We’ve paired a few dresses together with accessories you’re sure to feel confident in for any occasion. 




This Ruby Red dress has an elegant look, and also really pops in color. Wear to a gala or formal occasion. Pair with gold shoes and gold earrings to accent the gold filigree.












This striking grey dress offers a style a bit more edgy and shows off your legs. Pair with a statement necklace or stylish clutch to add a pop of color.












If you’re looking for something more flirty, this short lace dress if perfect for a fun date night or night out dancing. The open cut back along with the lace design highlights your back and shoulders. Make it even more flirty by paring with a bright colored heel.










Although this dress is black, the gold shimmer, mesh cutouts, and form-fitting style make it quite eye-catching. This dress really accentuates your curves and leave you feeling extra confident. This is another great dress to wear out to a gala, formal, or even on a luxurious date night.

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