Putting in a Home Theater

By Aaron Ricketson

Is your living room setup not appealing to you anymore? Are you unsatisfied with the area you have designated as your R&R personal space? Wondering what you can do to spice up your nights spent staying in and watching a movie? Put in a home theatre system! This is an easy solution to maximizing your entertainment levels while watching your favorite TV series or movie on your couch. While a home theatre system usually just includes the speakers, with technology where it is today, you have to look at some of the new and innovative TVs that are out there.

There are many different companies that will be more than willing to sell you their product for your upgrade. But how will you narrow your search? With all home remodeling ideas, the first thing you will want to do is look at the space you have. The space you are dealing with could narrow down the size of the speaker system and TV you will choose to include. You also need to factor in if the TV and speakers will be mounted or on a stand or the floor, but suggestions for that will come later. Once the size has been calculated, you can now budget. Black Friday prices are long gone, but if you are able to wait, you can catch the tax free, back to school weekend in August. Even though TVs might not be free, the prices will drop to try and encourage the parents of soon to be college freshmen to hook their student up with a great gift for their dorm rooms. Depending on the size of your living room, your TV could be anywhere from a 32 inch to a 64. This is where your space and budget work together to show you what is feasible and what is out of the question. Have a little extra to spend? A cool idea that has become more popular is the projector and screen idea. The projector screen can be stored in the ceiling and the projector could be mounted from the ceiling so there are no cords clogging up the living room. The screen could come down and your movie watching experience could commence. If you are going the more popular TV route, be sure to do a little bit of research before you head into the store or online. Between LED, LCD, HD, and 3D, it can become a little confusing. Rising in popularity are the Smart TVs as well as the 3D TVs. The Smart TVs have new features such as the ability to have apps on your TV. You can access Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, or Netflix, just from your TV. 3D TVs are also hot on the market. They come with the glasses, but you will probably want to factor in buying a few extra pairs for when friends or family visit. Not all channels are 3D yet, but it seems to be the television of the future. Even if things don’t always come out of your TV, the detail in the picture quality is said to enhance your viewing experience.

As for speakers, you can find many brands, but the two frontrunners on the market seem to be BOSE and SONOS. There are many reviews on each company and their products and these can be really helpful for narrowing down your decision. As for size, there is everything from a two speaker set up to an eight speaker set and a sound bar. If you go into some larger electronic stores, like Best Buy, they will often have some speakers sitting out so you can test them.

With your budget and space, be sure to include whether you want to mount the TV or speakers or both. Here, personal opinion and ambience of the room come into play. Many would suggest mounting a few speakers on the wall, having a few floor speakers, and mounting the TV just to where your head is at a slight upward angle for your viewing experience. These are all things you can play around with once you have your system, but make sure to think about it when purchasing your items.

No matter what you decide, the home theatre is a good way to enhance the feeling of your living room and to really optimize your relaxation and free time at home.

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