Reggie’s Records: Vinyl Cuts

By Thomas Colantuono |

For the past decade, older mediums of music have made a resurgence that is spearheaded by vinyl. This reemergence extends beyond a novelty nostalgia kick, as it provides the artist a chance to enhance their identity with liner notes and other inserts that digital downloads can’t allow. The ritual of dropping the needle provides a pure experience that coerces you to listen to an album all the way through in a society that is transfixed on convenience. With the resurgence of records themselves, is that of the record store – like the recently established Reggie’s Records and Hair.

reggie's records logoMatt Hearn, now owner of Reggie’s Records and the adjacent tavern, wanted to jump on the chance to open a record store, but was faced with a financial barrier. His solution was to have staff volunteer for records and merchandise rather than money, some of which would most likely have been spent on records anyways. The volunteer base was reinforced when Angela Yeagher, a local punk from the band The Luvrs, proposed adding a hair salon in the back. Angela had previously worked at a Great Clips, but Reggie’s provided an opportunity that flexed freedom as a worker and the chance to fulfill the dream of being a hair stylist unrestrained by corporate influence.

As business partners, Matt and Angela have fostered an environment of tunes and haircuts that is as friendly as it is kickass. The store stocks the punk music of their roots, but also boasts rock, metal, jazz and world music – both new and old. The possibilities for crate digging are dense as well, with some regulars coming in several times a month.

reggie's recordsMusical experiences that the internet has diluted are being countered by stores like Reggie’s. And if for some reason you soullessly have no interest in music, it is worth a visit for a haircut from Angela and some conversation. Reggie’s Records and Hair, with its unique combination of music and style, and friendly volunteer staff, is located at 1417 S. 42nd Street, Wilmington, and can be found on both Facebook and Instagram.

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