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Here in the Port City, it’s finally springtime. This is my favorite time of year. The weather is perfect, and we’re smack in the middle of rosé season! To be fair, I think the time for rosé is every day of the year, but for some, it’s only enjoyed during the spring and summer months. Hopefully I can persuade you to join the rest of us in a celebration of delicious wine that is the complete opposite of the sweet stuff our parents and grandparents tried to pretend was wine. Yes way rosé!

rose season pink wineLet’s start with one of my favorite wines, the 2015 Anton Bauer Rosé from Wagram, Austria. Made from Zweigelt, Merlot and Syrah, the Bauer Rosé is crisp and citrusy with flavors of tart red cherries, watermelon and lemon peel. It has plenty of lip-smacking acidity to keep it light and effortlessly drinkable without being dilute. I love this rosé for every occasion. Whether it’s enjoying the springtime breeze, or grilling on the back deck – this is the perfect wine. $12/bottle.

Next up, let’s travel south to the Western Cape of South Africa for another one of my favorite pink wines, the 2015 DMZ Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé. The fruit for the DMZ rosé is selected from premium-trellised vineyards located in cooler areas of the Western Cape characterized by well-drained soils of weathered granite. This crowd-pleasing rosé displays alluring aromas and juicy flavors of pomegranate, watermelon and strawberries, accented with delicate floral and spice hints. Because this wine is made from Cabernet grapes, it has a little bit bigger of a flavor profile, and can easily be paired with burgers on the grill. $11/bottle.

May just happens to be my birth month, so as you might imagine, there’s a little celebration that will be taking place. What kind of celebration would it be without bubbles? A terrible celebration. That’s what kind. This year, the bottle I’m reaching for is the Besserat de Bellefon Brut Rosé Champagne. The color is a soft pink with salmon highlights. The nose is generous, intense, and refined, with very marked notes of wild strawberry. As the wine opens up, there are notes of lime and freshly cut flowers. Initial impact is slightly acid, and then blackcurrants and redcurrants come to the forefront. The finish is delectable and delicately spiced. I’m not generally big on wizards, or magic, but there is some kind of absurd sorcery afoot here and I love every bit of it. $55/bottle.

I should note that I have received a lot of questions about where one can find the wines I recommend in this column, and the simple answer is, “Me!” Email me at with any questions or requests.

Regardless of what you’re sipping on this spring, I highly recommend giving pink wine a shot. Wine is a fun adventure, and rosé is the perfect companion for everything you want to do in life. Be spontaneous. Live boldly. Think, and drink pink. Cheers!


Zak Kilson is the Wine Club Director at Chien de Vin, a wine club for animal lovers where 5% of the proceeds are donated to local animal rescue efforts. With over a decade of wine industry experience, Zak is wine-obsessed and in the midst of a lifelong quest to drink great wine, meet awesome people, and share the love of the grape.

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