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Street Style: Kelly Campbell

street style kellyStreet Style Q&A with Kelly Campbell

Q- What are three things in your closet you cannot live without?

A- I definitely couldn’t live without sundresses ‘cause in summertime you have to have those, Vans, I’m obsessed with those, and hats, I love those!

Q- What is one trend you are most excited about this season?

A- I don’t know too much about trends. I like going into thrift stores and buying stuff, so I like vintage and I think that’s coming back.

Q- What is one thing you never want to see come back into style?

A- Overalls, although they already came back. I guess I don’t like frilly things. Like the frilly big poufy sleeves… never!

Q- What is your last fashion-related purchase?

A- Actually, I think it was this dress I’m wearing. I went to Plato’s Closet and got it.

Q- Who would you say is your fashion icon?

A- I would say Halsey. She’s actually a singer but she has a really cool fashion. She is herself! I just like anybody who wears mismatched stuff. I don’t like everything to match.

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