A Change of Greenery

Written By: Travis Harrington | Photograph Courtesy of Eagle Point Golf Club 

This year aims to be an exciting one for the golf enthusiasts of North Carolina. Among the myriad courses adorning the greater parts of this country, Charlotte’s own Quail Hollow Club was chosen to host the 2017 PGA Championship tournament in August. And, though this great honor has likely instilled an unhinged anticipation in many golf-loving Charlotteans and piedmont residents alike, this event has created also an opportunity for fans and residents of the Wilmington area that is just as exceptional.

Since 2003, Charlotte’s Quail Hollow Club has annually held the Wells Fargo Championship on their grounds each spring—but for this year only, since they have been chosen as the venue for the PGA Championship, this great responsibility has been bestowed upon the Eagle Point Golf Club here in Wilmington. It is the first PGA Tour event to be held in Wilmington since the Azalea Open in 1971.

The tournament itself will take place on May first through the seventh, and since it’s announcement back in 2014, staff and officials have been working hard to ensure this is a standout experience for both the players and patrons. This includes technical details such as constructing a new teeing ground to add additional yardage to the course, and also subtle aesthetic ones, such as slight reformations of grasses and water features. Prior to tournament endeavors, Eagle Point was already rated as one of Golf Digest’s top 100 courses in the country, and several PGA Tour golfers have played the course with positive feedback. These new alterations will only ensure that this one-off tournament locale will be one to remember for a long time.

This standout experience will not merely manifest in the witnessing of the tournament overall, but also in the range of options that exist for the audience to do so: ground tickets for those eagerly devoted to immersion, and a variety of hospitality options for those who value refreshments and luxury as much as they do the sport. Additionally, there will be a pro-am portion of the tournament allowing for paying participants to compete alongside each other and other pro PGA golfers.

Apart from the focus on these positive experiences of those within the golfing community, the Wells Fargo Championship has been managed by Champions for Education since the tournament’s beginning in order to stimulate a positive return to the region as a whole. Champions for Education, a Charlotte-based nonprofit, has worked since this tournament’s first cycle in 2003 to raise over eighteen million dollars in donations to charities committed to educational growth around the country. For more information on this and the tournament, visit wilmington.wellsfargochampionship.com.     

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