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“Courage” – This piece was created for the New North Carolina Veteran’s Park in Fayetteville, NC. This piece contains WW2 military artifacts and is dedicated to the courage it takes to take care of your fallen brothers in battle. Dimensions: 16’ x 10’ x 4’… Materials: Steel, Military surplus items, colored-fused glass, aluminum


“Dalton’s Catch”


“Dalton’s Catch” – This one of 2 abstract fish forms, created using stainless steel, copper and found objects. Both fish are about six foot in length and are hanging in a home in North Charleston, South Carolina. 




“Ludwig’s Vision”


“Ludwig’s Vision” – This Sun & Moon Face, was a commission for a client that owns a Lake Front home in New Jersey. Installed on the 3rd floor, outdoor gable peak, this piece overlooks the passing boaters by her home. Dimensions: 78” x 84”.  Materials: Hand-formed polished stainless steel.



Paul started his career as an illustrator and painter and later made the transition into metalworking. In his approach, he slowly builds up his sculpture piece by piece. The Industrial Age and Art-Deco eras have always been an influence in his work and he tries to reflect part of that “feel” into each of his pieces. Contact the artist at:



Cell: 910-547-5705


Dumay Gorham, III has a background in industrial design and specializes in custom design and metal fabrication projects by commission. His scope of work includes small 3D sculptures, furniture, architectural accents, and large scale public art installations.  Contact the artist at:


Facebook: Dumay Gorham III

Phone:  910.612.1723        

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