Walking the Moonlit Path: Aquarian New Moon- February 8, 2016

By Shara Eisen

aquarius pic

        Happy Birthday Aquarius, and a happy new moon to all. Aquarians are known for their originality and intelligence, which can reach genius levels. Many Aquarians can be identified by their mad professor appearance; too absorbed in some abstract idea to be bothered by mundane conventions like tucking in one’s shirt. They can be stubborn, as think for themselves, thus blindly following the crowd will rarely be their downfall. They are often passionate humanitarians, known to rally around a good cause more than any other sign.

        This new moon will be a perfect time to plant proverbial seeds in the department of groups of all sorts. If there is any club, association, or organization you have considered joining or beginning, this is the perfect time to do so. If there is a cause you would like to get involved with, don’t delay. It is also a great time to check in with the idealist within; are there dreams that you have forgotten, put on hold, or given up on?  If so, this new moon can be a window of inspiration, for it’s a time where the idea that anything is possible tends to resonate deeply.

       Aquarians will do well to focus more on yourselves than usual around this new moon. This is a time to get in touch with your own needs and desires, which can be tough for a sign so tuned into “the group”. If you work with a therapist, it will be a time of great progress because you are more attuned to the inner self than usual.  Pay attention to diet, exercise, supplements, etc., as it’s an excellent time to give your body a little boost.

Pisces – Deep change is bubbling both under the surface and even right on the surface these days. Some of your old beliefs and habits are becoming outmoded, which is great news, but not always comfortable. It is a time to keep the faith burning brightly, as the familiar is fading fast, leaving you in limbo. This too shall pass, and in the meantime, if you don’t judge the process, you will notice that you are starting to feel lighter and more deeply at ease than you have in ages.

Aries – You can often be happy alone, since your self-sufficiency is admirable, but this time will be put to much better use if you work more with others. This is a time where your vision and high energy can be invaluable, which is why most groups that you find yourself in have a way of pushing you to lead. Go ahead and lead, even if reluctant, as you are abundantly qualified and capable. The service you give now comes back to you greatly multiplied down the road.

Taurus – Work may take center stage now, and though you like to stay behind the scenes, you may find yourself in the limelight this month, with more responsibility, recognition, visibility, and opportunity. This is a time to try and let your tremendous work ethic and realistic outlook give way to more of a faith-fueled and optimistic view, since life stands to grant wishes for you this month. Do take the time to update and clarify the wishlist.

Gemini – You love to hear a variety of ideas and opinions and have a healthy and admirable curiousity about so many subjects, but can be occasionally plagued with uncertainty about your own values and beliefs. This month stands to be different though, as you feel much more clear and confident in who you are and what your truth is. Use this window to help you make some important decisions and consider beginning a meditation practice. No sign benefits more from the regular quieting of the mind.

Cancer – This is a time where you actually seek emotional substance and even intensity, so channel your drive wisely, or you may feel that this month is an emotional roller coaster. You will benefit by giving yourself plenty of access to music and other performing arts, as the performer or the spectator. Exercise may also be a perfect channel. Since part of you now craves a depth of experience, you might consider doing some sort of therapy to assist you in the quest, and/or delving into some esoteric books and practices.

Leo-Romance is featured this month, and nobody loves the show, the play, the games, around love and courting like a Leo. Play it up, let yourself go with the sweeping gestures, since it isn’t your style to hold back anyway. If you are in a long-term commitment, this will be invigorating for both of you. If uninvolved, you are particularly attractive this month, so don’t stay home. At the very least, spend time with your closest friends, as you thrive on being with loved ones now.

Virgo –This is a time for learning how to be more clear with your needs, desires, and emotions, particularly within your closest relationships. A lack of ease with some of the baser emotions, such as anger, jealousy, and the like can result in repression and resentment. It is a time to stop judging yourself and let whatever needs to flow just be: no judgment. Your relationships will get a quantum boost from the new level of authenticity.

Libra – This month give yourself permission to play like a child and you will be amazed at how well it all flows. With Venus as the ruler of your sign, you can have an ease with the world of fun, beauty and ease, yet you can easily doubt yourself and feel guilty if you don’t feel you are working hard enough. Try to leave the guilt and doubts behind, as there are other months where hard work is more featured. For now, challenge yourself to have more fun, creativity, and old-fashioned play in your days, and you will be amazed.

Scorpio – You have been feeling even more intense and passionate than usual lately, and there may be an emotional peak around the new moon on the 8th.  You are getting lessons now in handling the energy of Mars, which can be extremely vital, motivational, and assertive on the positive side, yet could become uncontrolled anger, passive aggression, and/or self-sabotaging on the challenged side. Scorpios greatest lessons usually have to do with learning that they are truly wonderful people underneath all of the doubts and criticisms. The more you  get this, the more you will resonate with the helpful side of Mars.

Sagittarius – This should be a somewhat easy, breezy, sociable month, and a time to say yes to invitations,as an important connection could show up now. Career is featured, and one of your  greatest calls now is to learn to listen. You have tremendous knowledge and often want to share this with others, but this is a time where your listening skills stand to create some big gains, so challenge yourself to be the receiver in your interactions now.

Capricorn – Your horizons keep expanding these days, and you are particularly open to new places, people, and ideas. Your abilities to teach and lead are soon to be highlighted, but for now continue being the student. Self-doubts are gradually diminishing as you continue to expand your knowledge base and allow yourself to resonate with your tremendous competency and discipline.