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Summers in southeastern North Carolina are hot and when it’s hot, it’s time to slip on the swimwear and take to the water. Now, what better way to dress up that perfect swimsuit and summer body than with a healthy smile? Dr. Jim White and his team at White Dental will guide you on your journey to a healthy smile that will make that perfect swimsuit secondary.

Dental practitioner, Dr. Jim White has been dedicated to providing a brighter and healthier smile to his patients since he opened his Holly Ridge practice in 2001. “We are in the business of educating while creating wholesome and wonderful smiles that brighten your lifestyle,” said Dr. White. Education is key to Dr. White and his hygienists. They use state-of-the art technology to assess your dental needs and educate you on the importance of a healthy smile.

Dr. White’s primary goal is for his patients be able to chew solid food and keep bacteria in the mouth from getting into the heart. White helps his patients attain this goal by restoring their choppers to a fully functional, aligned set of teeth. “It’s about total health, and total health starts with the mouth,” says Dr. White. “You cannot achieve total health if your mouth is infected and pumping toxins into your body.” Using an education and prevention based model, all of your dental needs can be met at White Dental.  White Dental can perform even the most advanced procedures right in the Holly Ridge office.

Not only is Dr. Jim White board-certified in orthodontics and dental implants, his practice is technology based and is leading in digital dental dentistry. White and his staff use the latest diagnostic technology to create a plan that will have you eating, breathing, and smiling dental health.

Diagnostic technology allows you to get a three-dimensional, digital x-ray of your mouth. This eliminates the use of trays and there is no need to invade the inside of your mouth. This process is more comfortable than making traditional molds. This innovative technology is chief in getting a more precise fit for teeth straightening methods, crowns, and implants.  All of your treatment plans can be made from this digital system and allows for that same day smile.

Instead of taking time away from work to sit in a dental chair gagging on a tray filled with goop, you can get a 3-D digital scan of your teeth. Both you and Dr. White can design a customized smile. “It’s nice to have the technology that allows you to add value back into the patient and getting them involved about caring for themselves,” said Dr. White. The new technology adds convenience; what once took weeks of preparation and several visits can now be done within hours. With all the free time saved from sitting in a dental chair, you can now spend it lounging our region’s  golden sands.

Technology is valuable for general dental care along with oral cancer screenings. It allows you to plan your ideal smile, giving you the opportunity to see what your healthy smile will look like before committing to any procedures. Dental implants, crowns, and veneers are designed and made in-house giving you a same day smile. Yes, multiple procedures can be done in one day! “It takes about 30 minutes to design and build a single crown. While you wait for your crown to be made you can have whatever procedure you want, or need, done. Then within the last half-hour it only takes five minutes to bond on your crown,” says Dr. White.  

Not only is this saving you extra visits, it is saving you money. You don’t have to take time off work and there is not the added cost of labs. White Dental also has a whole menu of services that allow patients to get the care they need at a cost they can afford. No one needs to sell sea shells down by seashore just to afford a bright and healthy smile.

Before you put on that swimsuit, schedule a visit to White Dental.  Make dental care as a part of your lifestyle. Remember, dental care is fundamental to your overall health.

Written by Vance Maggard   |  Photography by Will Page Photography

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