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A Letter From Our Editor

Our September issue opens with the theme: New Beginnings. We bid adieu to summer and greet the fall season with anticipation of many things: cooler weather, the start of school, the beginning of football season and the performing arts season,…


Stories Told in Realism

With a command over the canvas like no other, local artist Sandy Lee is certainly a master of his craft. Equally adept at producing still lifes, portraits, human figures and
landscapes, his work presents to viewers stories told in oil, charcoal, pastel, and pencil – even watercolor.


Parenting: The Importance of Asking for Help

By Alison Mays, MSW, LCSW I work with many teenagers who are struggling academically. When asked why they are not asking for help in school they often respond that they do not want to “look stupid” or “show that I…


Creating a Haven for Wildlife

By Paige Brown Owls softly hoot as they settle down for a nap. It’s a cool spring morning and the sky is just beginning to lighten in the east. Cardinals chirp as Carolina chickadees and tufted titmice take turns at…


Sourland: A Land of Sour Situations

By Kristen Scarlett You are recently widowed, lonely and isolated in your empty home. What do you do when a young microbiologist who works at a grocery store shows up to your house wearing a pumpkin on his head? You…


The Gibraltar of the South

By Adrian Gerth

It’s early on a January morning. Cold wind sweeps across the beach, racing up the earthworks and into the fort; a chill runs down your spine.