The Shift in Abundance

Posted by - April 4, 2018

Written by Randy Evans   When I started sharing a meal on the riverfront in the summer of 2015, I had to make a decision whether to serve the food to my friends or let them serve themselves. Ultimately, because of the way the city ordinances were written, I had everyone serve themselves. This decision

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The Switchyard Smithy

Posted by - March 18, 2018

Written By: Marimar McNaughton Sunlight streams into The Switchyard, an active railroad interchange on one of Wilmington, North Carolina’s backstreets. This place where two rail lines converge has become the hub for a community of architects, builders, artisans and writers. One among them, Ben Kastner, is the modern face of yesterday’s blacksmith. Kastner and his

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Bloomin’ Beautiful

Posted by - March 18, 2018

Written By: Diana Matthews Azalea Garden Tour is April 13-15 “We didn’t have azaleas when I was growing up in Indiana,” said Barbara Downing. “We didn’t have camellias blooming in December and January, either. I so appreciate the things that grow here.”      Downing is Media and Communications Chair of the hard-working Cape Fear Garden

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The Shift in Mutuality

Posted by - March 4, 2018

Written by: Randy Evans      One of Walking Tall Wilmington’s core values is mutuality. Mutuality is defined as “the sharing of a feeling, action, or relationship between two or more parties.” In other words, it is people taking care of each other on a deeper level. We experience this in our families, friendships, and

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The Shift in Hospitality

Posted by - February 2, 2018

Written by Randy Evans of Walking Tall Wilmington Since Walking Tall currently does not have a building, we function primarily on a mobile level. We highly depend on the surrounding community to extend different forms of hospitality toward us. One of these acts of hospitality is letting us use their buildings and we are extremely

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Sunglasses that Help Save the World

Posted by - January 3, 2018

In a world where we as consumers are constantly offered products from so many different companies, why not make a choice that helps make a difference in the world?   One of these companies doing exactly that is Nectar Sunglasses. They provide a great product at a reasonable cost, a great warranty, and have partnered

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The Shift of 2018

Posted by - January 2, 2018

Written by: Randy Evans Walking Tall Wilmington experienced tremendous growth in the past year, considering we officially launched in April. We threw ourselves headfirst into the deep end, trying many different angles to see how we could build community and interpersonal relationships; some succeeded, some did not. However, the one constant was our ability to

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The Shift of Charity

Posted by - December 6, 2017

Written By Randy Evans I’d like to continue the conversation from last month about charity and the intentions we have behind it. I find the philosophical way of looking at all this enlightening of why we do what we do. Am I suppose to feel good about doing charity? What if I don’t feel good

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The Big 5

Posted by - November 21, 2017

The BIG 5   Julie Wilsey has been the Airport Director of Wilmington International Airport (ILM) since December 2013.  An active member of the community, Julie is on the North Carolina Environmental Management Commission, Cape Fear Area United Way Board of Directors, and a WILMA mentor.  She spends her leisure time with her husband, Don,

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Mission Made Beginnings: Much more than jewelry

Posted by - November 13, 2017

Written by: Casey McAnarney | Photography provided by: Mission Made Jewelry Taking her first trip to Haiti in 2016, Executive Director of Mission Made Jewelry, Kaitlyn Hopfer met with local artisans and began forming relationships that would do more than create jobs within an impoverished community; it was an entirely new start for many. Working

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