An Artist of a Peculiar Sort

Posted by - March 18, 2018

Written by: Kevin Ward | Photographed by Emily Martian It was a frigid and icy January day when I found myself sitting across from a tall wild-haired young man who was enjoying a beer and making good use of his drafting pens to enhance an unattended scrap of paper with his art. This pen-wielding man and

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How to Create a Vision Board

Posted by - January 16, 2018

Writing and Photography by Alida Quittschreiber   Have you been thinking about creating a vision board? This is the perfect time of year to make it happen. Today let’s chat about how to create your best goals, create a vision board and then achieve your goals!   This is your chance to dream big and

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Sunday Reggae Festivus

Posted by - December 16, 2017

Written by: Alex King |Photography by Danny Swinson     Who would have thought in the small island town of Carolina Beach, North Carolina there would be a rich presence of reggae music? Well, located two minutes from the ocean, sits a community staple, The Lazy Pirate.  A restaurant known for its beachfront bar & grill,

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Wilmington Ballet Company is Raising the Barre

Posted by - October 31, 2017

Written by:  Kharin Gibson Photography by: Phil Mancuso & John Brubach   The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.   Oprah Winfrey     Sometimes people are lucky enough to discover their passion at an early age. A vision is established and a destiny is set. Then, there

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23rd Annual Cucalorus Festival Expands its Reach

Posted by - October 4, 2017

Written by: Kaisey Skipper | Photography by: Saben Kane One night in 1994, a group of 12 filmmakers screened 16 short films at the old Water Street Restaurant in downtown Wilmington. Crowds wrapped around the restaurant trying to get in and see what was taking place—the beginning of the Cucalorus Film Festival. Twenty-three years later,

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Dancing to Success

Posted by - September 7, 2017

Dara Holmes, one of the top 10 black ballerinas in the world, was discovered in 1999 at the first outreach program of the Wilmington Ballet Company (WBC). WBC was formed with a vision to make classical ballet accessible to the whole community, to bring professional ballet to Wilmington, and to create world class ballet productions

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Artist Spotlight

Posted by - August 1, 2017

PAUL HILL “Courage” – This piece was created for the New North Carolina Veteran’s Park in Fayetteville, NC. This piece contains WW2 military artifacts and is dedicated to the courage it takes to take care of your fallen brothers in battle. Dimensions: 16’ x 10’ x 4’… Materials: Steel, Military surplus items, colored-fused glass, aluminum  

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The Showboat Earns Its Name Again

Posted by - June 29, 2017

The Thalian Association Community Theatre will present the 1948 play Mister Roberts on the aft deck of the USS North Carolina 13 nights in July. Written by: Diana Matthews | Photography by: Kimberly Dam For 13 nights in July, the fantail of World War II’s most-decorated battleship will be transformed into the fictional supply ship

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