Wellness Trends for 2018

Posted by - March 18, 2018

Written By: Colleen Thompson   We’ve already started adding turmeric to our lattes and taking apple cider vinegar to help us sleep better, upped our kale intake and swapped our coffee for kombucha. As spring kicks in, health and wellness are on our radar so we’ve narrowed down the list for you of this year’s biggest

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Inis Spa: Mindful Living

Posted by - October 5, 2017

Written by:  Hayley Swinson  |  Photography by: Mark Steelman The exterior of Inis Spa—Island Spa in Irish—is unassuming: a casual building next door to other small businesses—a deli, a boutique, a bakery, located on one of the main roads in Surf City. Upon entering the spa, however, I am transported into a calmer, cooler world

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A Bird’s-Eye View

Posted by - September 12, 2017

Written by: Connor Davis | Photography by: Marc St. Pierre Since its opening in 2013, High Tide Helicopters, located near Oak Island, is Wilmington’s premier helicopter flight school and touring company. Specializing in scenic sunset tours, and even personal chartered flights, this small business is widening the perspective on our beautiful coast. Owned by Jessica

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A Man of Substance, Commitment, and Vision

Posted by - August 8, 2017

I knew I was going to be interviewing a local gentleman who is revered as a luminary in the field of martial arts. John Maynard, the owner of Champion Martial Arts, and 8th degree black belt has an impressive lineage which includes notable names like Chuck Norris and Joe Lewis. His office is adorned with

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A Splendid Jaunt on the Appalachian Trail: Carver’s Gap to Grassy Ridge Bald

Posted by - July 10, 2017

Written by: Doug Franks | Photography provided by: Appalachian Trail Conservancy The world’s longest hiking-only footpath, the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) is a 2190 mile stretch, traversing fourteen states, from Mt. Springer, GA., to Mt. Katahdin, ME. Along the way it takes in the southeastern portion of the country’s highest peaks and arguably its most stunningly brilliant

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What’s SUP ?

Posted by - July 10, 2017

Written by: Connor Davis | Photography by: Kimberly Dam On the northeastern point of Harbor Island, there is a small alcove filled with kayaks, paddleboards, bicycles, and even 6-person canoes. This treasure trove of water vessels is owned and maintained by Wrightsville SUP, a local water sports equipment rental company about to start its seventh

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SELF-IMAGE: The Foundation of Success

Posted by - July 3, 2017

by Dr. Herbert Harris How you see yourself in your own eyes determines what you get out of life. Self-image is your own conception of yourself. It is the mental and emotional picture you hold in your own consciousness of who you are, what you are, and what you represent. Your self-image is important because

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Wrightsville Beach Diving is Making a Splash

Posted by - May 31, 2017

Written by: Kharin Gibson | Photography by: D.J. Struntz and Jonathan C. Ward Whether you are a resident or visitor to the Cape Fear region, there is a commonality that is shared. It’s in the appreciation of our coastline, and it exists in the rolling waves of the Atlantic, the lulling whisper of the ocean

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Harmonic Relationships

Posted by - May 9, 2017

Written by: Dr. Herbert Harris The basic principle of the universe is that of order. When order is extended over a time period, it becomes harmony. This universal harmony is like a great symphony in which all notes, vibrations, and sounds are being played at the same time, for all time. Each entity, each person,

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Aiming at Empowerment

Posted by - May 1, 2017

Written by: Kharin Gibson | Photographed by:  Jonathan C. Ward More than ever before, women are making great strides toward empowerment. The possibilities for today’s female are expanding, and women are continuing to chip away at stereotypes portraying them as the vulnerable and vacuous gender. Increasingly, women are harnessing their potential and steering the direction

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