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The Cape Fear region has a wonderful blend of historic and new homes. Cape Fear Living Magazine provides the latest tips and techniques on design, entertainment and remodeling. Join us as we dive into interior and exterior design, DIY projects and the history of some of our region’s most beautiful homes.

Mimosa Moments: That One Rose

By Lynn Ingram | Mister Lincoln is awakening, promising to pluck my heart strings, to make me ponder again the wonders and mysteries of this world. This morning, he’s offering me just the barest sliver of red, peeking demurely out…

blooming natives

Blooming Natives: Gardening in Cape Fear

By Paige Brown | Their feathers flash emerald and ruby as the sunlight reveals tiny hummingbirds moving from flower to flower on a red honeysuckle vine. A cherry laurel tree vibrates with the movement of a host of honeybees, and…