How to Create a Vision Board

Writing and Photography by Alida Quittschreiber


Have you been thinking about creating a vision board? This is the perfect time of year to make it happen. Today let’s chat about how to create your best goals, create a vision board and then achieve your goals!


This is your chance to dream big and then make it happen.   


     In 2016 we created our first family vision board; it included “Create a 2017 Travel Plan.” We then spent all of 2016 planning and preparing and all of 2017 making it happen.

     Throughout 2016 we chatted about where we wanted to go, we brainstormed what we wanted our travel to look like, we joined a few travel Facebook groups and we started setting money aside. We still weren’t sure if it would be a 2-week trip, an extended trip or multiple trips. We kept saving, brainstorming and researching. We finally decided we were going to get a fifth wheel, use our house as a home base and go on short little adventures throughout the year!

     In 2017, it was time to start making it happen. The first step was upgrading our truck. Next, we started shopping around for fifth wheels.

     But then, right as everything was flowing smoothly, we reached an unexpected fork in the road!

     Our extended family made an announcement which led to Corey and me deciding it was time to move across the country – from the Midwest to this beach town. We were ready for the change but we weren’t ready to give up our travel dream.

     We started focusing all our energy on how we could do both. Finally, we figured it out. We would sell our house in Missouri, put all our stuff in storage, move into our fifth wheel and travel full time for 8 months in between mortgage payments. It was incredible and the memories irreplaceable!

     But none of it would have happened without a vision and steps towards that vision.

How to Create a Vision Board

  1. Write down your goals.

     Research shows that when you write down a goal you are 40% more likely to achieve it.

     Set your fears aside while you work on this step. You want your visions and dreams to be outside your comfort zone and excite you! Write down goals for each category:

  • Personal Goals
  • Family Goals
  • Work Goals
  • Contribution 

How can you pay it forward, leave a legacy, live a life bigger than just yourself?


  1. Circle 3-10 goals that matter most.

     The ones that excited you most. The ones that if they happen would change it all. I find the fewer you circle the more powerful they are.


  1. Create a vision board with your most important goals.

     Your vision board can be as extravagant or as simple as you like. It can be a huge poster board or an 8×11 sheet of paper. You can cut and paste images from magazines, print pictures from your computer, use colored markers and inspiration words or just write black and white bullet points of your goals.

      You can download a free printable with the inspirational words you see on our board at

     If you’re creative this is your chance to go all out. If you’re not creative, that’s OK too. Just keep it simple! Either way, make sure whatever you create moves you – and put it somewhere you’ll see daily.


  1. Break it down into actionable steps.

     Dreams should be big while action steps should be small. Keep breaking down your visions until you have steps that are in your comfort zone and feel doable.

     You might not know all the action steps yet; in that case, just start by listing a few first steps and add more as you go.


  1. Add a timeline for each goal, if applicable.

     When you plan to start and when you hope to accomplish it by. This will help you stay on track and measure your progress.


  1. Look at your board daily and take a step each day.

     Remember to be resourceful and creative — these will be two of your most valuable tools for success.

Be flexible and update your action steps as needed — a perfect example is when we decided to change from our idea of several short trips and instead created action steps for selling a house, putting stuff in storage and going on an extended trip.


  1. Keep track of your progress.

     Keep a journal of the progress you make towards your goals! This will help you see the magic and the accomplishments as you go.


  1. Celebrate.

     Enjoy small celebrations as you get closer and closer to your goals and a BIG celebration when you achieve each goal! Decide now how you plan to celebrate, and it will motivate you even more towards your goal!

     Finally, remember to enjoy the journey. Work towards future goals while enjoying your present moment and the steps to get there.

     At the end of the day, your vision board is all about you. What goals do you want to accomplish? What do you want your life to look like this coming year?