Drink in the Beauty of Gem Water


Written by: Star Sosa | Photography provided by: Spectrum Fine Jewelry



For centuries, certain elements, crystals and minerals have been thought to have healing powers.  Practitioners of many different disciplines have infused them into elixirs, placed crystals strategically on the body or prescribed selected gems to be worn with the intention to achieve specific benefits, the point being to harness the particular energies or attributes of those materials while enhancing one’s health and vitality.

All manner of gems and minerals have been attributed with the ability to affect a wide range of experiences from increased mental clarity to enhanced inner peace to unconditional love. You might say this is a bit hard to substantiate but must admit it adds a delightful and interesting element to the practice of collecting gems and crystals. Each experience is individual and unique, and who is to say that a person doesn’t experience the positive benefits from certain crystals?

As a jeweler for over 30 years, I have been long fascinated with gems and crystals. I include a trip each year to the largest gem show in the world located in Tucson in order to find the unique and memorable. The Tucson Gem Show is actually a conglomeration of many separate events that take place over several weeks. Tucson, each February, becomes a nexus for collectors of gems, minerals, fossils, jewelry, and artifacts from around the world.

This year my team and I chanced on a display of exceptionally attractive water vessels containing gems and crystals for the purpose of infusing drinking water and other beverages with the subtle energies of the gems. Initially skeptics, we were ultimately fascinated with these sparkling bottles. They were said to impart specific effects upon the water stored in them. All we knew was that they were lovely. Plus, the water we sampled did seem to taste different from each gem bottle we tried. We purchased a selection with our favorite gems based purely on aesthetics rather than energetic properties. We agreed that they were “jewelry for water” and now many of my staff members own and use bottles with their favorite “gem cocktail”.

Clearly, water is an essential aspect of life, in fact, no other substance we consume is as important to our bodies. And in this day of too many sodas, coffee drinks, and questionable water safety, many of us simply don’t drink enough clean water to maintain optimal health.  So from that perspective, anything that encourages someone to drink more water has to be beneficial, right? Besides, the water bottle is the “go-to” accessory in today’s world of Pilates and spinning classes. So, a high quality glass bottle seemed an excellent investment whether one buys into the perceived influence of gemstones or not.

The more my staff and I  read about the VitaJuwels and used them, the more we loved these bottles. Many people have infused water with gems by placing the actual rocks directly into the water, but this can definitely lead to sanitary concerns since you have to clean each pebble. The fact is some minerals might actually have compounds that aren’t safe to consume in your water. Hence, the sealed gem vials by VitaJuwel seemed an excellent solution. I find the gem vials and wands to be lovely works of art. They are hand blown by Bohemian glass makers from lead-free glass into very attractive carafes, decanters and sport bottles.

VitaJuwels are not just for water either. Many people use their sport bottles for juice or tea, and there are two styles of glass carafes that can be utilized for wine. The “Vino” gem wand is filled with amethyst and clear quartz and is said to “soften” the natural tannins, creating a smoother wine. They say that the wand will “tune” an exceptional wine for an even more enjoyable experience. I thought these graceful decanters with the beautiful purple gem wand would make the perfect wedding gift for that friend who has everything. It certainly is a great conversation starter as you serve your guests.

The creators of VitaJuwel have devised 17 different “gem recipes” for their gem vials and wands with names like Wellness, Fitness, Balance, Vitality, Inner Purity, Beauty and so on.  While they don’t prescribe any particular recipe for a specific purpose, they do share the commonly held beliefs about the energetic qualities of the various gems contained in each vial. Most people simply select the one that they find prettiest or, after a sampling, the one that tastes best to them. It is a very individualized process.

For my jewelry store, I installed a large apothecary-style dispenser with a custom diamond wand containing four  carats of actual diamonds slices as well as chunks of clear quartz. It looks like something you’d find in an elegant European spa. I delight in offering my customers a sample of “diamond infused” spring water while they shop. So whether you subscribe to gem healing or crystal energies or not, you can definitely enjoy a unique experience when drinking water or wine from a VitaJuwel vessel. Pick your favorite gemstone, color combination or flavor, and you’re sure to find yourself drinking more water for the sheer pleasure of it.







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