Walking the Moonlight Path: Aries New Moon April 2017

Written by: Shara Eisen

     Happy birthday Aries, and a happy Aries New Moon to all! This moon technically became new ( simply meaning it perfected its monthly alignment with the sun) on Mar 27 th , but we will be feeling its impact almost all month long. The full moon occurs this month on the 11 th .
     This new moon is really the new year, astrologically speaking, and according to the natural world. That is because it coincides with the springtime. The winter if finally over and the days are getting long. A new cycle begins now, and so the Aries new moon could be considered a new cycle within a new cycle. Aries are known for their competitive nature; as the first sign of the zodiac, they do like to be first and best. They do not tend to need assertiveness training classes, and they have something to teach the rest of us about speaking up and advocating for ourselves. This is a great time to consider any aspects of your life where you may benefit from speaking up rather than suffering in silence. It is never too late to change a situation that is not working for you and usually everyone benefits when we find the courage to speak up. Aries are also known for their courage, and thus this can be a great time to check and see if fear is holding you back in any area of your life.
     As for planetary action this month, we have Mercury going retrograde on the 9 th . This is not worth any anxiety, but it is important to consider double checking on any important communications that could be misunderstood, and as a rule it’s a good time for reflection and revision. Venus goes direct again on the 15 th , and many of us will be integrating some important relationship lessons learned in the prior 6 weeks of her relatively rare retrograde cycle.

…you may do better to make sure you are staying inspired in your work.

Taurus – “ I want to unfold. Let no place in me hold itself closed, for when I am closed, I am false (Rainer Marie Rilke). Most of the month will be best used in planning, visualizing, and contemplation. The next couple of months will speed up, so take advantage of this time for lining up the energy. This means you don’t take action, ideally , from a place of fear or other similar low energies. Find the place where you can act through inspiration and trust, and watch life meet you with the same openness.

Gemini – “Realize the self if realized and then self-exploration begins” (Sri Ramananda). Relationships are not easy now, and if you are involved this may be a time where you give one another space. When two egos collide, the going gets tough, and loneliness keeps you searching vs enjoying your own company. When you manage to quiet your amazingly active mind, you may find that you enjoy your own company more that you realized. This can be a welcome breakthrough in your relationships, as you learn to approach from a place of fulfillment vs. need.

Cancer – ‘No one else can be your problem. No one can hurt me-that’s my job” (Byron Katie). It may be time for a move or another major change on your homefront. Your nest is important, so it is a big deal when you consider changing it. Some of your sign can barely move Aries –“ Marriage is really tough because you have to deal with feelings and lawyers” (Richard Pryor).

Getting more serious about relationships? Maybe you consider formalizing your bond or perhaps you are rethinking some key relating habits that you are ready to release. When you experience indecision, you need to listen to your gut more and less to that which is deemed logical.  Finances and income streams are also open for revision. Planning and budgeting does not always work so well for such a fiery creature as yourself without it feeling like a major life disruption. You are also replaying some relationship sagas in your head that leave you feeling a little drained and victimized, even if the relationships are long over. This full moon can help you in releasing that draining “done wrong” energy so you can bring in something very new and different.

Leo – “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else “(Margaret Mead). Your inner diamond is ready to shine like never before, especially if you are tuning in to your naturally loving and generous spirit, and learning to balance the need for attention and praise with humility. You are going to be drawn to some new information that may expand your career options, so keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities in the form of workshops and classes. What you learn today you may find yourself teaching before long.

Virgo – “Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes” (Jim Carrey). Relationships are not supposed to be perfect. We cannot come close to this, and when we ask this from our partners and loved ones, we will be let down every time. Virgo can have higher standards than any other sign in the zodiac. This means you set the bar high. Though well-meaning, this can be painful for you and your loved ones. These high standards can be used to stay motivated with a vision of what is possible instead of tremendous expectations. You have a chance to make a quantum leap in letting go of critical ways this month, and you won’t believe how much more peace and happiness awaits with this change.

Libra – “Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong” (Ella Fitzgerald).With the full moon in your sign, you just might have an easier time than usual following your heart and not your head this month. You are represented by the scale symbol, the only symbol of the 12 which is an inanimate object. This reflects the conundrum where you can be more loving and peaceful than anyone, and at the same time be stuck in the confines of the head. There may be some surprises around the full moon, and the more you go with your gut and lead with your heart, the better all will flow.

Scorpio – “Stop the horrible game of torture. Guilt is a learned torture. It is the same with doubt” ( Gangaji). Defensive positions in your key relationships may be creating the very walls that cause the occasional cold wars. This may be a time where you are ready to question the guilt and doubts that underlie such defensiveness. Love can be much more fun and less heavy than it’s been lately. Start by being easier on yourself, as you often expect way too much; a set up for guilty feelings. Spend more time appreciating yourself and your closest connections, for a fast track to more joy in your life.

Sagittarius – “ On the other side of pain is ecstasy. On the other side is freedom. Your true greatness hides on that other side of that layer of pain ”(Michael Singer).You might be in for some romantic surprises around this full moon. You are probably ready for a little lightness after a period of time that has been heavier than usual. Yet, nobody turns lemons into lemonade faster than you, and you are on a fast track with some critical life lessons. If you aren’t feeling closer than ever to your” true greatness”, you should be feeling it by the end of the year.

Capricorn – “You create the reality you experience by the choices and decisions you make” (Sonaya Roman). There may be some excitement, disruption, or both on the home front this month. Some Capricorns are going to be making career-relating moves, or at least begin the process this month. Others are going through inner processes that may shake us to our very foundations, which can be a great thing. One thing that it will not be is a boring month, so make sure and do plenty of good self-care to keep yourself centered and ready.

Aquarius –“ Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got . There is no yesterday, no tomorrow, it’s all the same day” (Janis Joplin). Expect the unexpected this month, and starting around the second week of the month, the pace picks up considerably. Planning and organization may be ok, but what will serve you even better is staying open to your creative ideas and making sure not to get bogged down in the negativity and fear that will be going around. You could have some creative breakthroughs around the full moon.

Pisces – “ You take your life in your own hands and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame” ( Erica Jong). Self-love is the theme for you this month, and your sign is one of the least likely to have abundant gratitude for your amazing self. If only you had an inkling of how truly wonderful you are, you would be amazed. It is high time to look at whatever keeps blocking you from seeing this and living from that place. As you do, you will be amazed at how much events and relationships change for the better, and you cannot fake it.


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