Walking the Moonlit Path: Cancer New Moon Eclipse, July 13, 2018

Happy Birthday Cancer and a happy Cancer new moon to all. We are now in eclipse season, which happens roughly twice a year. The eclipses always occur on the new or full moon, as they are simply a solar (new) or lunar (full) moon with particularly precise alignment. Usually, these eclipse seasons are accompanied by events that feel heightened, especially when they occur in your sign. Thus, Cancers will almost certainly feel this month to be important, significant, and memorable. Capricorns, being at the opposite end of the zodiac, will be the 2nd most impacted sign. The full moon on the 27th occurs in Aquarius, so here is another sign that may experience this month as particularly noteworthy. Even if you are not one of the three signs mentioned, you may have significant placements in any of these signs, such as a moon, mars, or ascendant, which could also give you a personal and memorable experience of this eclipse season.

Cancer is the sign of home, family, mother, birth and ancestry. It is a water sign and Cancers tend to feel strong emotions and have formidable intuitive and creative gifts. They may take awhile to feel safe and at home with new people, places, and situations, but once they do, they have tremendous loyalty. This is one of the best times of the year for finding your dream home, so if you are considering a move, or looking to purchase a new property, make time to clarify your ideal vision and then find it. It can also be auspicious for a renovation, remodel, or addition. Cancer is one of the most vulnerable of signs, which can make them retreat into their infamous Cancer crab shell. This can be a great time for not only Cancer but for all of us to find the astounding strength in vulnerability. Lastly, as this is the sign of birthing, it is a great time to consider what you might be ready to give “birth” to in your life. Are there new projects, goals, plans, and directions waiting for you? This promises to be a memorable eclipse season, so consider feeling the fear (vulnerability) and doing it anyway.



Cancer –“ Accept your genius and say what you think” (R.W. Emerson).
Cancer, it is your sign that kicks off the summer, and this tells us a lot about your personality. For one,
you have the ability to take charge and bring new ideas into existence. You are an initiating person, and
only when you allow your sensitivities to bring you into fear and doubt does this ability become
forgotten. This is the time to be considering the projects and ideas that you have conceived, only to
forget or talk yourself out of. Considering that you begin the summer season helps point out the easy
nurturing that you can both give and receive, as summertime reminds us. The gardens are bursting, the
waters are warm, and the winds are gentle. Make sure that your survival fears don’t drown out the
natural rhythm of nurturing that will aid and guide you as you bring forth some of your genius this year.


Leo-“ Dance me thru the curtains that our kisses have outworn” ( Leonard Cohen).
This month ends with a full moon eclipse with the sun in your sign and the moon in Aquarius ( your
zodiacal opposite ). Full moons always stand to teach us something about close relationships, as the
ongoing dance between the sun and the moon reach the peak angle of intensity. What will this eclipse
mirror back to you about your important relations? At times, you sacrifice the shining of your true self to
accommodate those closest to you. Leo ,with the sun as your ruling planet, needs to shine brightly in
order to feel deeply happy. The warmth and loyalty that you bring to a union are legendary, but this is a great time to look deeply at what drives your own needs to shine, and see that you are asserting


Virgo-“I’ve been trying for some time to develop a lifestyle that doesn’t require my presence” ( Gary
If health issues are taking some of your attention, consider that how you are presently caring for your
body, mind, and spirit may be reflecting some beliefs that don’t serve you. Virgo, you are not likely to be
a couch potato or a fast-food addict, but you are also prone to putting yourself and your needs last.
Many of you still have a lot to learn about relaxing and letting things unfold without so much effort and
planning. Some say that our lives don’t work out because of our efforts, but despite our efforts, and this
idea can be a guiding light for you this summer. This is a time to refine the art of saying “no” and to
prioritize being over doing, and your overall health and vitality should blossom.


Libra-“ it is very vulgar to talk about one’s business. Only people like stockbrokers do that, and then
merely at dinner parties.” (Oscar Wilde).
Libra is known as a naturally laid-back sign, but many of you feel more than your fair share of tension
and hurry. Career is often extremely important, as you are one of the signs that are truly drawn to make a
difference in the world. The challenge comes when you become overly tuned into the needs of those
around you, as this can be a bottomless pit. If you don’t become a fierce defender of your own time as
well as your own vision, you will find yourself depleted and disappointed. Your work will be on the front
burner this summer, and you have the ability to dream big and reap huge rewards. Just be careful not to
modify your vision too much because you think you know what people will and won’t accept. Let your
creative visions soar without compromise, and then you will make the biggest difference.


Scorpio-“There are wars where no one marches with a flag, though that does not keep casualties from
mounting” (St. Thomas Aquinas).
Nobody understands the internal war better than most Scorpios. If only the messages of self -kindness
were able to pierce thru with half the potency of the self-deprecating, you would be unstoppable. Many
Scorpios are unstoppable anyway, in terms of how much they can accomplish thru focus and
determination. Yet, getting there is not as enjoyable of a ride as it could be. Most of your answers are to
be found in self-acceptance and kindness. Travel is featured this month, which means the more you
manage to shake up your daily routine, the better. New horizons can teach you some of the most
important lessons to figure out what your work and budget will allow. Even a day trip to Topsail or
Baldhead island can go a long way towards the kind of shake-up that will bring a positive impact.


Sagittarius- “You can’t be truly rude until you understand good manners” (Rita Mae Brown).
In this world of duality, opposites do work together, attracting and/or repelling at different times, in our
never-ending dance of change and growth. This is a time where structure and discipline can seem at first
glance to threaten a greater freedom, but in the long run, they will only enhance this desire for
transcending limitations. Revisiting forgotten ideas, plans, and goals are indicated this month. What were
you excited to begin around the time of the new year, back in January? This time also relates to some
plans you may have had nine years ago, approximately. Can you remember that far back? See if you can identify what the Achilles heel tends to be if you do find a pattern of regrettable lack of follow-thru.
This is a time when these challenges can be burned thru easily, if only you will find the focus and
the determination to overcome.


Capricorn- “Don’t forget about love. It will bring you all the madness you need to unfurl yourself across
the universe” (Mirabai).
Heart-opening is featured for you mountain -goats this month, and nothing tends to do this as well as
our most intimate relationships. Many of the challenges that we face with our partners or prospective
partners have to do with our attempts to protect ourselves from the vulnerability that true love will
bring. If you are putting far more energy into seeing why your partnership won’t work or what they are
not giving, vs. why it can work and what you can give, then consider the idea that you are energizing a
direction of incompatibility and frustration. Allowing yourself to trust the gentle nurturer that is within
you and your beloved will facilitate the kind of bond that will bring deep happiness.


Aquarius-“The salvation of the world consists of the salvation of the individual soul” (C.G.Jung).
This month ends with a full moon eclipse with the moon in your sign and the sun in Leo (your zodiacal
opposite ). The full moon, especially a powerful one like this, can bring conflicts to the surface where
they finally stand to be resolved. Aquarians are often conscientious and concerned with the welfare of
everyone but themselves. This time represents an opportunity to shift some of your focus inwards so
that you can make sure that you are adequately ‘’fed” before you rush out to feed the world. Consider
which of your own needs have been overlooked and find the non-negotiable place inside that refuses to
continue with the neglect. Are you needing more quiet, more fun, more social time, more date nights?
Build the time into your regular schedule for giving yourself more of what you need, and you will find
yourself bringing more energy to the table for your other projects and commitments.


Pisces- “Sponges grow in the ocean. This bothers me. How deep would it be if they didn’t” (Steven
Creative projects and an overall season of romance beckons, so don’t allow this quiet call to get lost in a
sea of never-ending responsibilities. So many energies are crying for an outlet through the sort of play
that many children are experts in, but many adults have forgotten about. Beware the frustration and
pesky physical symptoms that may come from postponing this romancing of your life. Risk-taking is
featured now as well, which may be taking a ceramics class for one, and signing up for an open-mic
night for another. Pisces, this is a time to use your formidable abilities to merge into the timeless
dimension with the arena of fun, play, and entertainment for the best kick-off into summertime.


Aries- “All is mystery, but he is a slave who will not struggle to penetrate the dark veil” (Benjamin
Aries, you are one of the most original thinkers of the zodiac, so consider the reality that you live in a
world that is often unkind and unwelcoming to original thinkers. If you were unusual and fortunate
enough to have amazingly supportive parents and teachers, then you may have been consistently
embraced. Most of us were not consistently supported in this way and learned to conform to a certain
extent to fit in and even to survive. This is the time to figure out how you may have sold out some of
your original understandings. Consider any addictive behaviors as a smokescreen under which lies some
of the keys to embracing your original and amazing self.


Taurus- “Ah! Well away! Seasons flower and fade” (Lord Alfred Tennyson).
So much change is looming, which may sound like bad news to the most change-averse sign of the
zodiac. Take heart Taurus, as most if not all of the coming changes are not a punishment, but rather are
supposed to help you grow in a positive direction. Career habits that may be in need of an overhaul are
those that don’t allow any of your natural creativity to flourish. You can be the hardest of workers, but
feel drained and resentful if the work is too monotonous, predictable, and unappreciated. Use this
season to cooperate with the winds of change and ensure that whatever you are doing with your days is
feeding your need for artistry and appreciation.


Gemini-“What a cruel act to be untruthful. Earthquakes happen in the heart that hears sounds that are
amiss” ( Meister Eckhart).
A certain departure from honesty is a possibility whenever the mind moves too quickly, without being
checked by the entirety of our beings. It is not about character defects, but rather the nature of the
beast. The heart’s language seems to be much slower, and when we slow down enough to feel its
messages, we become far more truthful and clear. Old messages about responsibility loom large this
month, probably related to opportunities for travel and/or education. The responsibility that you are
seeking comes not from conflicting messages around guilt and desires, but rather from slowing down
your mind and tuning into your own guiding truth.