Following the Moonlit Path: New Moon Eclipse August 11, 2018

Written by Dr. Shara Eisen

Happy Birthday Leo, and a happy Leo new moon to all! Leo is the second fire sign in the zodiac. The first being Aries and the third, Sagittarius. All of the fire signs are known for confidence, exuberance, and passion, with which they move through life. Leo’s famous symbol is the royal lion, which speaks to their courage, leadership abilities, generosity, and a certain ferocious streak that anyone who betrays may experience. They are also known for their childlike (not necessarily childish) simplicity, and they may be more adept at remembering how to have fun as adults, more so than most of their peers. Many Leos can be found creating in their studios, or perhaps out and about with a gaggle of kids, whether their own or their students. All of this makes the Leo new moon the best time of the year to pursue your creative side, especially if performance is involved. How many would play or practice an instrument, if only they had more time? There will never be more time, though, not until we find the determination to make the time. How about taking part in one of our great theater groups? Possibly, that means trying out for a play or helping with the set design. Or be a force for getting a neighborhood volleyball team together, as all of the fire signs tend to be lovers of sports and games.

August brings us the third and final eclipse of this eclipse season. With this new moon in Leo, consider what was happening eighteen to nineteen years ago, back around the time that we rang in the new millennium, as we consider what similar themes and issues are now presenting in our lives. Eclipses run in cycles of eighteen to nineteen years. The “Great American Eclipse” that many traveled to view last August was also in the sign of Leo and there may be similar decisions and considerations to now face. Take time with decisions and actions as we have most of the planets in the solar system moving in retrograde this month, which suggests that it is more of a time for us to be internally focused, whereas later in the fall it will be more of an appropriate time for dynamic action.


Leo – “What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork.” -Pearl Bailey

This month’s eclipse is in your sign, Leo, and one of the many great traits for which you are known is your big heart. Leo is naturally generous and happiest when giving to those they love. Now it is time to consider what you would like to give to yourself for this year ahead. It may also be time to ask for what you need from those around you. Are you taking on more than your fair share of the burdens and responsibilities that come with running a household? You are one of the signs that need a creative outlet and will wilt like a thirsty flower without this. If you are in a romantic relationship, are you taking enough date nights? You will also wilt pretty quickly with too much of the grind and not enough romance. Whatever intentions you set for the year, the more you ensure that your needs for creativity and romance are addressed, the more you will soar for the rest of your life.


Virgo – “I liked myself better when I wasn’t me.” -Carol Burnett

Identity can be such a heavy burden, Virgo, and this month may have you questioning the various roles you play and the responsibilities that they entail. Finding your strength in the planless plan that reveals itself through relaxation and trust vs. worry and struggle is now featured. How much of our familiar planning and time -focus is based on an attempt to control and a response to the expectations of others? Maybe it is time to see what happens if you let all of those balls drop in favor of ease and presence. Find out what is possible through an insistence on moving with inspiration or not at all.


Libra – “We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

Many of us will experience lengthy waiting periods this summer, as the cosmic timetable is in no hurry and cares not for whatever decisions we may be deliberating. There are not any actual disappointments that are necessarily in the works now, but it is an excellent time to consider any disappointments of the past. How have these impacted your current understanding of what is possible? Are there some life disappointments that have still not been fully processed? Most of us have at least a few by the time we hit our middle ages. This can be a great time to revise some of these old stories and understandings, and even revise some of the plans that we may be holding onto but no longer reflect our true values and desires. Our visions can soar in the next few months, and this is a time to do some fine-tuning.


Scorpio – “ I got the message. All of us get the message, sooner or later. If you get it before it’s too late or before you’re too old, you’ll pull thru all right.” -Nat King Cole

So, what is the message, and how does the final eclipse of this summer eclipse season relate? The message comes from the heart and it seeks to antidote the loud messages around productivity, speed, and action that will block the heart’s guidance. That makes this month ripe for contemplation around work and career. Are you doing what you love? We all have to pay our bills, but the juice of life will evade us if we forget about our passions in the process. Even if we do love our work, what compromises are we making because we believe that we have no choice? Without sufficient time given to just being, we fall out of balance and seek the escape button. The good news this month is that career matters are highly promising, so it is an excellent time to assert a promotion, better conditions, or simply a better job altogether.


Sagittarius – “The best way out is always through.” -Robert Frost

You have lucky Jupiter now moving forward in the skies after several months of moving retrograde, which means that some of your plans have been on hold and can now move forward. Which will you choose to prioritize, and how can you sharpen your focus so that they can really take off? There is a pull to travel and make changes, neither of which tend to be difficult for you. However, there is an Achilles heel of scattering and distraction that you may well be ready to confront. What are the feelings and situations that you are wanting to avoid? There is no need to slow down your travel, which is often very good for you, but there is a need to ensure that you are on top of tendencies to avoid and escape. This is what will bring focus to your abundant energy and manifestation to your visions.


Capricorn – “ The same fence that shuts others out shuts you in.” -William Taylor Copeland

Your mantra for the month is “receive”. As much as part of us universally wants to receive all sorts of wonderful things, many of us are putting more energy than we can begin to imagine into a system of defenses that keep so much of our heart’s desire perennially out of reach. Thankfully, we are not stuck with any of these confusions. Capricorn is one of the signs that excel with efficiency, leadership, and organization and that is why they find themselves often doing so much more giving than receiving. Consider that this month is a time to balance the scales. You can begin to strengthen your muscles of reception by outlining some of the ways that you would like to relax and receive, and you may even choose to share this information with those closest to you.


Aquarius – “Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then.” -Katherine Hepburn

The most fabulous of relationships may be challenged now, and it is time to consider or re-consider what needs to be changed regarding routines and expectations. Are we continuing to take risks with our partner? If there are no risks then there is often no true vulnerability happening, and possibly little vitality. It is too easy to fall into roles with those closest to us, and in these safe roles, love cannot flourish. What have you been unwilling to ask for? What are the routines that are no longer feeding you? Where are you sleep-walking with those closest to you? Are you actually seeing them, or do you have an idea of who you think they are that keeps you from seeing the other as their truer self? Find a way to discuss some of these ideas with your closest loved ones, even if you might feel silly or wary of bringing this up. The strongest bonds will only thrive from a good shake-up.


Pisces – “There is no rule more invariable than that we are paid for our suspicions by finding what we suspect.” -Henry David Thoreau

The Pisces mind has the easiest time slipping into a place of deep ease and inspiration. Unfortunately, for many of you, it comes so easy that you don’t adequately appreciate what a gift this is. Essentially, you already have what the rest of the world is searching for. The practice of regularly cultivating this magical gift, through daily meditation or whatever practice brings the deep quiet for you, can be the ultimate game -changer for whatever challenges and overwhelms are currently lingering,  For some a walk in nature works best, and for others it might be writing poetry or listening to music without multi-tasking. Creating the boundary where you allow this practice to be non-negotiable, is indicated this month. If you already do this practice, then the invitation is to expand. The caution is to keep it quiet…time chatting with friends will not feed you in the way that we are now considering.


Aries – “I was born when all I once feared- I could love.” -Rabia of Basra

If you are actively parenting,  one or more children may need more time and attention than usual this month. It is time to make some adjustments in terms of how you listen to and understand your children. If there are no actual children in your life, consider that you may be involved in parenting a pet, a friend, a relative, or even your significant other. We are often taught that fear and worry are ways to show our love and connection, but truly our ability to love is blocked when fear and worry enter into the equation. There may also be resentments that need to be checked, as you may be tired of playing the parent role. The ram can be one of the most courageous signs in the zodiac, and this is a time to take a leap away from lingering fears and further into trust. The same ideas may also apply to a creative project that you are considering.  Take the sensible precautions and then act as if nothing can go wrong.


Taurus – “The richness of not wanting wrote these poems.” -Kabir

This is a rich time to be considering what your dreams, visions, and aspirations are for the next year. Yet, one of the most powerful and easily forgotten ingredients for times like this is gratitude. Remembering, before we focus on the new things we want to bring in, what is working well in our lives, and the ways in which we are already deeply blessed. This will put the proper perspective on this call to dream big. There may also be a theme of pulling up roots this month. This may be a move to a new home, or a change of schools, or some other staple of life that leaves you feeling temporarily ungrounded. Take heart, it is time to breathe some new air in and relax into the new ways.


Gemini – “The mind that tries to shape tomorrow beyond its capacities will find no rest.” -Rumi

We are so powerful in the moment, but lose power quickly when we live in the future. There is only so much planning we can do, and beyond this, we need to let go and enjoy. This is a lesson that you are learning earnestly this month. It promises to be a social time and a period of learning, perhaps both in and out of the classroom. Many a Gemini experience miracles when and if they can motivate themselves to exercise since it gets them out of their notoriously busy minds. Career changes are being contemplated, which likely is not such an unusual thing. Yet, some of the career ideas that are coming to you may be more artistic and /or seemingly impractical than what you would typically consider. Don’t be too quick to dismiss.


Cancer –“Live without thought of dying, for dying is not a truth.” -St Catherine

Two conflicted issues take center stage this month, perhaps so that some of the age-old conflicts can finally get sorted out. Travel beckons as it does every so often, and part of you longs for the adventurous life. Yet, the greater part doesn’t even want to leave the house for dinner, much less for an overnight or even a week away from home. Your love of the familiar can be a strength, but this month is one of those times where you are being urged to move away from the familiar routines. Consider finding a place to stay that might feel homey, perhaps with a kitchen vs a hotel room. It is also time to find a place of deeper answers regarding your level of comfort with finances, earning and spending. Letting it be easy is a life-long lesson.