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As spring transitions into longer, sun-drenched days and cool, coastal nights we welcome the month of June. With the school year closing, children emerge like wide-eyed renegades freed from the containment of the classroom, eagerly greeting the start of summer break.

The rising temperature coaxes our coastal residents into the outdoors to enjoy all that our region has to offer. Summer always seems to invigorate the soul and thaw our frigid sensibilities by relaxing our mind and body. This month, the free-flowing theme of liquid, one of the fundamental states of matter, meanders through the pages of this issue.

Our cover story delves into the sport of offshore diving with “Wrightsville Beach Diving is Making a Splash.” Coastal Carolina is replete with an underwater world begging to be discovered. From sunken vessels to a myriad of marine life, the waters beyond our shoreline cradle treasures to behold.

The days of summer indeed activate our thirst for adventure while also increasing our desire for delicious, refreshing concoctions. When steamy weather lures us out to a front porch swing or down to the beach’s silky sands, the interest in crafty cocktails inevitably heightens. Find some easy-to-make summer libations in “Liquid Pleasures: Four Fruit-Inspired Cocktails.”

Staying hydrated is important during the summer months, and for those on the go, that sometimes proves challenging. Drink containers offer a solution, but for those who want to add a bit of bling to their bottles, “Drink the Beauty of Gem Water” introduces an option that infuses your portable potion with the beneficial properties of gemstones. These unique vessels make for a great gift idea or a fabulous fashion statement.

Making a statement is indeed what will resonate in “Changin’ Ways: Changes Relationships to Food.” In this article, you’ll hear how a small farm is taking conscientious steps by practicing sustainable farming and guarding against the degradation of both soil and water resources.

As you course through the pages of this issue, you’ll also get a quick peek beyond the cottage doors of Fermental Beer & Wine in “Fermental Beer & Wine: Turning the Blahs into Ahhhs.” This cozy, intimate hangout gives patrons an option to enjoy libations in an unharried, casual atmosphere.

There is plenty to enjoy as we drift into summer. Take this time to relax and enjoy the beauty of our surroundings here in the Cape Fear region.


Until next month –

Kharin Gibson


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