Staying Cultured at Home

Los Angeles-based budget travel and lifestyle expert, Lindsay Myers, featured regularly on Access Hollywood for her budget and unique insights. Though your worldly trip / spring break may be out of the question, we’d love to give you tips on staying cultured at home.

Virtual Tours: Who doesn’t love that wanderlust feeling for adventure. But right now we need to stay at home, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still experience everything the world as to offer! There are so many amazing virtual tours that you can take you on an adventure. From Museums, to National Parks, to Broadway. You can walk the halls of some of the best museums in the world, see the higheast peaks in Hawaii, or watch Phantom of the Opera, all without leaving your couch. You can still get some art and culture while staying safe and healthy.

Here are some of Lindsay’s favorites:

The Guggenheim Museum
The Louvre
National Museum of Anthropology (Mexico City)
Vatican Museum
Smithsonian has a self guided of the National Museum of Natural History in New York

National Parks and Landmarcs:
Google Arts & Culture

They are featuring virtual tours through major National Parks and landmarcs around the world. They are bringing them all to your living room.
Some of them include:
Kenai Fjords National Park- Alaska
Hawaii Volcanos National Park
Carlsbad Caverns National Park- New Mexico
Bryce Canyon National Park- Utah
Tour of Robins Island Prison- South Africa
Easter Island
Palace of Versailles
Ability to zoom in close on famous art (example The Scream or Tower of Babel)Theater:
Metropolitan Opera is streaming nightly shows
Playbill: through Playbill website you can watch 15 plays and musicals
Movies: starting Friday March 20th, Universal is letting you rent movies from your own home that are currently in the theaters. Since most movie theaters are closed this is a way the movie companies can still get there movies seen.
Broadway HD- stream all the classics. They have 300 productions to choose from.