Walking the Moonlit Path: Gemini New Moon June 6 2016

By Shara Eisen

Happy birthday Gemini, and a happy Gemini new moon to all. This month features good news for Gemini and for all of us, in fact. In addition to the new moon happening on the 6th, we have Mercury entering Gemini on the twelfth. This is one of the signs that Mercury functions the best of all in, so in many ways it is something like the opposite of the Mercury retrograde. This is a great time for travel, communications, purchases of vehicles, computers, and phones, as well as a favorable time for the signing of contracts. Consider making good use of this very auspicious time for new starts with classes, particularly learning languages, music, or writing. Gemini also rules the hands, so beginning a craft such as pottery or needlework could also be inspired. Relationships can be improved now if we take the beautiful Gemini qualities of curiosity and active listening to the next level with our loved ones.

Gemini – Some strong tendencies that may not be serving you are now up for revision. Overfilling your days with too much activity can leave your sensitive nervous system over-stimulated. Think “less is more” and you are on the right track. You may also want to consider how much your days are reflecting your needs, desires, and goals, vs answering to the needs of others. It is easy to get pulled in too many directions but streamlining and perhaps saying no more often will bring more joy to your days.

Cancer – You are one of the most creative signs in the zodiac, though it can be so easy to doubt your talent! You may have kept your creations closeted, or even worse, come to believe that you don’t have creative talents. Being overly hard and critical with your self can block gifts, and this is a time to heal any of these unhelpful attitudes and beliefs. Inner practices such as meditation and journaling can aid you in this creative blossoming that wants to occur.

Leo – This looks to be an easy month of abundance and community. Use the blessings of this time for a spring cleaning. This may be both internal and external. It could be a great time for home renovation and/or deep cleaning and organizing. The internal opportunity is to go back and clear up some childhood wounds. Be it with a group, therapist, or on your own, you will feel much lighter on the other side of any of these clearings.

Virgo – You are learning to trust your ideas, opinions, and expertise and speak up. Trust your voice and the wisdom that you have to share. Career is featured and you are feeling strongly capable and supported. Be careful not to waste this time by ‘busying up” or caretaking, as you are ready to take a leap and put yourself out there in a new way.

Libra – There is a reconsidering of finances; how you spend, earn, etc. Valuable new ideas are coming to you now. Some of these will come in a more internal way; thru inner guidance you might receive through time in nature, meditation, or in your creative process. It is also a time to get ideas that will get you thinking outside the box, and this might come through a book, website, teacher, therapist, or even travel.

Scorpio – Trust, healing, and friendships are featured this month. Forgiveness and letting go of past hurts and betrayals may do far more for your health than even exercise and diet. We really do this for ourselves, first and foremost, as it opens up beautiful and valuable space in our hearts. Take this opportunity to open to the gifts that others want to bring to you. “Friendship is a present you give to yourself” – Robert Louis Stevenson.

Sagittarius – As one of the zodiac’s most freedom-loving signs, you are used to thinking and moving rather independently, making it challenging when everyone around seems to need a piece of you. “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect” – Mark Twain. These lessons in surrender and setting better boundaries will allow for a deeper freedom eventually.

Capricorn – Healing issues relating to your tribe are up. This could be your family of origin, current family, or it could be more community-oriented. Owning your own truth will help with the healing, as will discarding any harsh judgments that you may have learned to make about yourself. Travel or otherwise broadening your horizons speeds your process up in a positive way.

Aquarius – The summer kicks off in a magical way with the emphasis on fun, creativity, play, and coming together with like-minded friends and partners to create something positive. Though you are one of the best friends a person could hope to find, there can be that aloof quality that keeps loved ones at a certain distance. The door is open now to deepen intimacy and heal close relationships that have hit a block.

Pisces – There are elements of your belief system and world view that are up for revision, as they really aren’t serving you and if fact, were never true in the first place. The time is ripe for seeing what isn’t serving and releasing this, perhaps through meditation, time with trusted friends, counselors, etc., and other centering activities. Minimize or skip travel this month, if you can, simply because so much will be accomplished by prioritizing stillness. You are preparing for a quantum leap.

Aries – “A revolution is not a dinner party” – Mao Zedong. You are in the midst of your own personal revolution and it’s picking up steam. This is a powerful time for upgrading your communication style and abilities, not just with a better smart phone or laptop. There are opportunities to speak up and temper your message with sensitivity. You are learning that there is a time and place for diplomacy and tact, as well as more focused listening, so that others might better hear your important viewpoints. Your stronger communication skills do wonders for your closest relationships.

Taurus – June has you feeling more playful and secure than usual, even though relationships are bringing you some challenges. Rest assured that the trying moments are here to help you rethink some old, worn-out relating patterns. Partners and loved ones can be confused when you are possessive then disinterested, available and then walled off. Use this time to help you learn that closing your heart is more painful than whatever it is we seek protection from.


Dr. Shara Eisen is a graduate of UC Berkeley and LCCW and has run the New Hope Wellness Center since 1995. She currently practices choice-centered astrology, classical homeopathy, counseling, and is a member of OPA (Organization for Professional Astrologers). She can be contacted by email for information on consultations and appointments or details of the monthly community new moon gatherings.


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