Investors of the Roundtable

Written by: Kelly E. Johnson | Photography by Danielle Annechiarico

Roundtable, a term defined in modern times as a discussion or conference amongst a number of persons. However, in Arthurian legend, the term is of similar meaning, but with an emphasis on the fact that no man takes precedence. Here in Wilmington, North Carolina King Arthur and his knights are not assembled, but rather the men and women of business, who battle the ever-changing economy and all that comes with it. They gather to exchange ideas and arm themselves with knowledge provided by experts in selected fields.

     An organization formed in 1994, The Investors Roundtable stays up to date on all aspects of business, finance, and economics. The group meets regularly at the Country Club of Landfall, on the first Thursday of each month. With the intention of educational growth, experts from the Wilmington community provide insight in their field of interest. Investors Roundtable has been a great staple for numerous private investors who seek to manage their assets in a well delved financial manner. President Chris Riley, leads the group with an attendance of approximately 125 members from Wilmington and its surrounding areas.

     Devoted to the business minded individual and the exchange of knowledge, IRT reaches into the community with the inspiration of these same values. The membership is largely responsible for funding the Frank Dune Jr. Scholarship at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Cameron School of Business. Vice President, Beau Cummings, tells us, “The Frank Dune Jr. Scholarship was established in 1999 with a $5,000 gift; it has now grown to over $112,000 gift, and has provided scholarship support to sixteen Cameron School of Business students.” As with any honor there is a level of excellence to be met before granted. Each student must be of great character, drive, and scholastic merit, which upholds to similar values of the Investors Roundtable.

     The men and women of IRT value business and what it takes to run it well. They seek to educate themselves in a format of equality, just as Arthur and his knights. The Investors Roundtable places influence on today’s young persons of business by funding the well established, Frank Dune Jr. Scholarship at UNCW. One can be certain that as the world of business and finance evolves, the investors of this roundtable will be up to date and ready for battle.

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