Pattern’s Flowery Comeback

By Lynn Leake

Floral, REALLY? Yes, it’s true.floral_table

As you know, furnishings follow fashion, and as fashion has gone more colorful (and even Boho), the fabrics used for furniture were sure to follow. It’s like we try it out on a small scale at first, then… if we still like it, we move a style onto the bigger and more permanent pieces we live with, like a sofa. The trend this year has gone as far as being labeled by Elle Decor as “granny floral.” Our homes have been simple and understated for a while now. We’ve done the big comfy sofa in a linen look fabric that’s a soft neutral color for years. I’ve mentioned before that we are creatures who require change in our lives. That makes it inevitable that pattern would rear its flowery head sooner or later. We have seen geometries come on strong in wall coverings, fabrics and rugs, and it appears that we enjoyed those more measured expressions enough to take the next step. Bold florals do remind us of a simpler, friendlier time. Trends often reveal an inner need we have, even if we aren’t aware of it. With our techno-centered lives and the unknowns we deal with every day, a billowy, soft reminder of granny might be a welcome change.


Another trend that is coming is a return to a more social style of living in an “old fashioned” way. It appears that the days of turning the formal dining room into an office, a TV room, or a place for a pool table might be numbered. There is a desire to return to the holidays where the entire family sat around a big table and shared homemade food straight from the oven. The style of the table can still be more relaxed and the chairs more comfortable, but space dedicated to family celebrations is once again becoming popular. 

The florals can also be part of the family-friendly dining room. There are new floral chandeliers for all rooms, from the most formal to the most rustic. The window coverings, the fabrics on the chairs, the motif on the flatware can all give a nod to the flowery designs that your grandma loved.