Pilgrimage Across the Cape Fear Region

Written by: Cedric and LaToya Barrett

         It’s December 31st at 11:59 pm and if you are like us the next 60 secs are filled with great elation because the 1-minute countdown has begun to a brand new year offering 365 days of possibilities. Will I finally get the promotion or start the business, shed some unwanted pounds, or finish up the degree, etc. Hopefully, you have been diligent, disciplined, and thoughtful enough prior to the start of the new year to have a detailed game plan in place to avoid another year aimlessly passing and being driven by the wind of happenstance.  According to research conducted by the University of Scranton, 92% of individuals who set New Year’s goals never achieve them because they are unsupported by a plan. We like to say that goals unsupported by a plan are merely wishes. Now to be fair, no matter how well we plan we can’t 100% eliminate the element of unpredictability that each year will bring, but what we know for sure is that the new year is here whether we are prepared for it or not.  

     For many years now we have observed people all over the world finding different ways to begin again in the new year. Whether they decide to consecrate themselves to a spiritual detox or set themselves apart in reflective silence to restructure their “norm” as they set sails to produce the life they desire most. While there may be a plethora of individual processes, there is a commonality that remains true; everyone is seeking a new start in some area of life.

     The fear and joy of beginning again. Rarely do people discuss openly the anxiety coupled with the emotion of tremendous excitement to leap into the new. The first initial thought of new brings such happiness, but upon taking a closer look we then realize that something must come to an end for new to exist. Paulo Coelho, author of the NY Times best-selling book The Alchemist says so wonderfully, “ If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.” 2017 was filled with some fantastic moments and there were days we are glad are behind us. The truth of the matter is that we had to learn to say goodbye, and as hard as it is to say goodbye at times, it is necessary to safeguard the quality of one’s soul journey in order to fully embrace the new hellos this year has to offer.    

     As you courageously move forward in 2018, if you haven’t already done so, take the first few weeks of this year to thoroughly review the happenings of last year. Be honest and fair with yourself and review everything; the good, the bad, and the ugly! This will help you gain a healthy perspective and chart the power moves you need to make this year. Specifically take time to analyze your spiritual walk, personal relationships, financial endeavors, and physical health and nutrition. These are all key areas that will affect your productivity. The best place to start is with the health of your soul. A healthy soul produces a healthy life. We always take this time to consecrate ourselves to fasting, prayer, and introspection that we may have a clear spiritual awareness of direction in each area of life. A year has a way in cluttering your mind, body, and spirit to the point that you have to begin to alleviate the silent noise in order to decipher the productive fear and presumptive excitement for the new.   

So get silence and plan to win in this new year!


Cedric and LaToya Barrett

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