Spring Fashion Trends 2018

Written by: Kelly Amato & Ireland Headrick

 Photographed by Ethan Gaskill

The start of spring is always the most exciting time of the year for me! It is the culmination of months of careful deliberation over which designers to feature in my boutique, as well as which trends I want to highlight in the warmer months. For Spring ‘18, the journey began last September, when I hit the streets of New York City to visit brand showrooms and fashion trade shows. My goal? Simple. To uncover the hottest trends of the upcoming season and bring them back to Wilmington with me.

     One of the most important aspects of being a good buyer is being an even better observer: How have trends cycled in seasons past? What are “influencers” wearing? What are my customers asking for? And of course, last but hardly least, what are designers presenting on the runway? The first step in my buying process is to watch as many fashion week presentations as I can. While not everything on the runways will translate with my customers, it’s always a great indication of where things are headed.

     My next step is attending dozens of showrooms and strolling aisle after aisle at trade shows. What we refer to in the biz as “market” is actually an elevated fashion showcase, featuring the most sought-after contemporary and emerging designers and brands in the apparel industry. It’s where I as a buyer, armed with my newly-revised knowledge of upcoming seasonal trends, shop for the best new merchandise to share with customers.



     Market is what brought me to New York last September, and as I searched for the perfect pieces and brands for Spring ‘18, here’s what caught my eye:



This spring, expect to see extremes in color from pretty pastels like lavender and powder pink to punched-up brights like lemon and cherry. Our ladies love color and this is their season… no commitment issues need apply. Wondering what to pair with your favorite white jeans? Wonder no longer.



Sheer is chic, but you don’t have to bare it all to embrace this whimsical trend. Start small by wearing a crepe-y maxi over jeans or pairing your favorite white tee with a lacy black bralette.



Florals of all kinds are welcome this season, whether feminine and ditsy or clashy and bright. The use of bold, oversized graphics in the world of floral prints feels especially new and interesting.



High rises, cropped lengths and interesting hemlines still prevail but get ready to embrace an array of fresh denim trends. To make a statement think extremes. Light, powdery hues and dark indigo rinses; oversized cuffs; super wide silhouettes.


As you head out and hit the shops to round out your spring wardrobe, keep a couple things in mind. First, it’s not only helpful but fun to get the inside scoop. Sales associates should have a wealth of knowledge and ideas about fit, fabric and styling. Second, never take fashion too seriously. What you wear is an expression of yourself, but only for that day, hour, or moment. Having fun with style is all about embracing the ever-changing trends that keep fashion fresh and exciting. Getting dressed should be a daily adventure, and it’s never too late to incorporate something new into the mix.




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Chandler Russell


Blush Haus of Beaute