tekMountain: Cultivating the Climb to Success

Written by: Kharin Gibson | Photography by: Arthur Green 

tekMountain is an innovative and collaborative environment that encourages business development at all stages of growth, but especially fosters the evolution of entrepreneurial fledglings. Under this incubator/accelerator model, start-ups greatly benefit from the exposure and access they have to mentors, potential investors, and community engagement.


tekMountain’s interior design expands the boundaries of the common workplace. Nonexistent is the obtrusive array of cubicles littering common areas. Instead the eye flows easily within an open floor plan without barriers and partitions. The idea that a workplace without boundaries offers limitless possibilities is explicit in the design. Dedicated offices and conference rooms line the outside perimeter of the building, while desks and communal tabletops fill the interior.


This unconventional business setting creates a supportive system that results in shared resources, partnership opportunities, and cost-savings. This simple, clean-line layout can also lead to a higher rate of productivity, creativity, and idea sharing.


There is something to be said about all work and no play. Studies show that productivity is increased when workers are able to rest and recharge their batteries during the workday.  There are many perks enjoyed at tekMountain to help workers do just that; members are able to take advantage of the facility’s gym, offering workout equipment and an array of aerobic and strengthening classes, as well as a recreational room where workers can reduce stress with a volley of table tennis or round of air hockey. Later in the afternoon, those who need to unwind before the day’s end can partake of a pint or two at the brewery located on the first level.  This mix of work and play promotes workplace balance and stimulates connectedness.


With its blend of design elements, tekMountain teeters between an ultra-modern look and a contemporary industrial feel. Exposed ductwork, wall-to-ceiling windows, and the open-floor concept of the interior creates a sense of unlimited space. The dispersion of natural light produces an energized state of productivity. It’s all balanced with sleek textures and a soft color palette.


This open and dynamic environment combines functionality with practicality yet maintains a desirable and soothing esthetic. The mix of neutral colors, plastic furniture, chrome accents and intentional pops of color give this office setting a fun and inviting atmosphere. Various pods hang from the ceiling where workers can enjoy a siesta during the workday, or destress in suspended chairs that spur inspiration through relaxation.


The combination of communal work area and spatially innovative environment makes this small business incubator a cost-effective, growth-nurturing mountain of possibilities.

To find out more about tekMountain, visit their website at tekmountain.com.



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