The Bucket List

Above: Frances Weller- News Anchor at WECT TV, Channel 6, NBC affiliate, Wilmington, NC

What some local folks want to do between now and then.

Written and Photographed By: Michael Raab

The term “kick the bucket” has been around since the 1700s meaning simply “to die.” I’m not certain how long the term “the bucket list” has been around, but Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman brought the phrase to the big screen through the vision of director Rob Reiner in the 2007 film “The Bucket List.” Now it’s a matter of, “What do I want to do that I haven’t done yet, before it’s time for me to check out?” I asked a number of area personalities what was at the top of their personal bucket list, and the answers were surprising, as you will find out.

Frances WellerNews Anchor at WECT TV, Channel 6, NBC affiliate, Wilmington, NC

Frances Weller, News Anchor at WECT TV6, would like to win the lottery and travel, something most of us would like to do, but one thing on her bucket list was quite a wish apart and quite interesting. “I’d like to learn to surf. I’m not really a good swimmer, so that’s a big stretch, but one of the things I’ve always been in awe of is to get out on the waters and surf. If I could stand up on one of the surf boards just for one minute and say that I surfed, I will have completed that for my bucket list.”

Si CantwellCommunity Editor of the Star-News

“I’m not a big bucket list guy,” said Si Cantwell. “I like to take one day at a time. My main thing would be to grow old with my wife Maria. We go to the mountains, but I don’t have a big wish to go to the Holy Lands or Paris or anything like that.”

However, as a member of The Clams, a rock band, he did get to play one song on his musician’s bucket list. “At a wedding in Pender County we played ‘Friends in Low Places.’”

Suzanne JalotSunny 103.7 FM

Suzanne Jalot, from Sunny 103.7 FM, said the number one thing on her bucket list would be to have a farm where she could take all the unwanted animals, dogs, chickens, and pigs. “Anywhere I could have the land, she said. “They would all just come to my farm.” When asked who she would have with her, she replied, “My family. And [I’d] put them all to work on my farm.”


Mayor Bill Saffo

“If I had the opportunity, I would love to travel to space,” said Mayor Bill Saffo. “I would love to go to the last frontier, as they would say. They’re talking about space travel possibly in maybe the next ten or twenty years. I grew up in the Sixties, the heyday of space exploration. I hope I live long enough to have the opportunity to do that.”


Jackie SanabriaUNCW Student from Burgaw

“I want to travel a lot,” said Jackie Sanabria, a UNCW student from Burgaw. “See more than just the United States. My dad is from Costa Rica, and that is one place I would like to travel to. I would also like to go to some of the major art places, like Paris, and shoot photography. I would take either a close friend or my sister. Someone I knew well enough to travel with.”


Mike Raab

With radio, television, newspapers, the mayor, and a college student questions, I received pretty interesting and varied answers. Now, you may be wondering what’s at the top of my bucket list.

In 1968 The Jelly Bean Bandits made one recording. Thanks to online music services, that LP is selling better than ever, as it gathers second and third generation fans worldwide. The Bandits stopped performing live in 2002, but we continued to record. In 2012, we wrote and recorded the official theme song of Rolling Thunder, which gathered a million vets Memorial Day weekend in Washington DC. My bucket list wish would be for the Bandits to win a Grammy. I do have just enough space for a Grammy on a shelf in my office.

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