The Denim Evolution

Written by Ireland Headrick | Photography by Ethan Gaskill

The American woman has a complicated relationship with her jeans. The staggering number of options—from skinny to straight to boyfriend and beyond—is overwhelming in itself. Add to that the difficulty of finding brands that consistently deliver great fits and that practice sustainability in their manufacturing processes, and successful denim shopping can start to feel like an impossible feat.


But that doesn’t have to be the case. At Oliver, we focus on fits that flatter, washes that wear perfectly over time, and statement-making details that take your look to the next level. Whether it’s a full-on jumpsuit that screams high fashion or a pair of classic skinnies with an edgy button-fly, the perfect denim has depth and versatility – it’s equal parts comfort and style.

Our 21st-century obsession with denim may seem like a new thing, but the love actually dates all the way back to the 1800s, when miners during the American Gold Rush needed more durable options. Over time, what was originally workwear for intense physical labor has become a staple in every fashion girl’s closet, and the legacy of denim is even older than jeans themselves. The term comes from an Americanization of “serge de Nimes,” a fabric that originated in Nimes, France during the Middle Ages. Makes sense, right?

Popular culture started to emphasize denim as a fashion statement in the Hollywood Golden Age, first in depression-era cowboy movies, then as a symbol of rebellion in midcentury coming-of-age films. Think: James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. But it wasn’t long before the prevailing counterculture became mainstream fashion. By the 1980s, demand for “premium” options was in full force and luxury denim started to garner global appeal. Jeans that look amazing, go with everything, and last forever? Sign us up!


In a fashion landscape that is constantly changing, wardrobe staples are a must and that’s where great denim comes into play: a classic straight gets a modern update with a single back shadow pocket. Yellow satin mules highlight the edgy triangle hem on grey skinnies. A chic wide-leg goes next level in moody purple, paired with a smart black cardigan and on-trend kitten heels. In every scenario, denim serves as the cornerstone for an amazing look. The endless array of possibilities is—dare we say it?—downright inspiring.

Oliver, specializes in helping you find the perfect jeans for your body and your tastes, from the cut of the leg, to the rise (low? high? Donna-from-That-70s-Show high?), to the level of distressing or color fade. It’s important to us because we know they have the power to completely transform the wearer—you!—simply by means of contouring the body. Because the bottom line is, whether you’re shopping for or wearing it, there’s no more room for frustration in your relationship with denim. Only love.

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