Walking the Moonlit Path: Cancer New Moon July 2017

Happy birthday Cancer, and a happy Cancer new moon to all. This moon became technically new on June 24th, but will be affecting us almost all month long. Those of you with late June birthdays will be impacted the most, though the July Cancers will have plenty of excitement as well. If you were born in late June, this summer promises to be anything but boring. Cancer is the sign that rules the home, childhood, and nurturing. Comfort and familiarity mean a great deal to those belonging to this moon-ruled sign. If you are lucky enough to be let into a Cancer’s world, you should feel honored, as they are very discerning as to whom they allow to enter. Once you are in, they may regard you as family and be amongst the most loyal friends you could hope for. They are also highly creative and have excellent intuition. This is the best time of the year to make changes to your home and property, whether it be a move, an addition, or even a renovation or redecorating project. If you are considering a real-estate purchase, now you are likely to find the best deals.

This month begins with some energetic aspects. July kicks off with an aspect that has been known to bring out the crazies in more than a few of us. The good news here is that while this Mars-Pluto opposition is known for its intensity, this can be channeled toward a project that requires major focus as well. Beware tempers running high in both the personal and political arenas; Pluto may have been demoted to a minor planet in the astronomical world, but astrologers have consistently agreed that this tiny, icy planet’s ability to impact us has not diminished in the least. Similar features accompany the Capricorn full moon on the 8th, so channeling excess energy into a sport or a focused project will be an excellent strategy for the entire first half of the month.


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