Walking the Moonlit Path: Gemini New Moon June 2017  

Written by: Shara Eisen

Happy birthday Gemini, and a happy Gemini new moon to all. This moon became technically new on May 25th, but will be affecting us almost all month long, until the end of the month. Gemini is the sign that rules the mind, curiosity, and adaptability. While they are among the most intelligent, energetic, and sociable of all the zodiac, they can also be very high strung and prone to anxiety, as their busy minds create busy days and lives. We can all capitalize on this time to follow our natural curiosity and take some risks. If we suspect we are in some habitual ruts, be it with a relationship, job, or even just our social or exercise routines (or lack thereof) this is an excellent time to shake it up and try new things. It is also a great time to investigate the daily stress in your life, and take a stand. Where do you refuse to prioritize self-care? Adding some stretching, inspiring walks, journaling time, or even extra sleep and/or rest can be a game changer for many, and this kind of kindness toward yourself always gives back far more than it takes.  Here is the key to shaking up some old habits and creating new ones that will stick. Pick something you are genuinely excited about….no shoulds, as those are bound to fail.

This month begins with some fascinating aspects. There is an emphasis of planets in the fire element, and airy Gemini may serve to fan the flames. Translation: there is tremendous potential now for meeting the people, encountering the opportunities, and taking meaningful actions. These are the times where our lives can be shaped for years to come, and more often than not, in  ways that we are going to like. It is a time to get out there and take some risks, accept the invitations, throw the parties, find a new meet-up and more. There will be plenty of other times to lay low, but this month is all about positive ways to push yourself and see what happens.


Gemini“There are certain things, often little things, like the peanut, the little piece of clay, the little flower that cause you to look within -and then it is that you see into the soul of things (George Washington Carver).

This is truly your month, Gemini, so challenge yourself to stay open and curious enough to identify where you need the courage to take the next step in at least one important area of your life. Risks are almost guaranteed to pay off now (if we had a total guarantee, then they wouldn’t be risks, now would they?). Grounding yourself with daily routines, such as walks in nature and yoga/breathing time before sleep will mean a great deal, as there is so much excitement buzzing around you. As you use at least part of your keenly perceptive mind to keep looking within, and keep yourself grounded, you are sure to experience a memorable beginning to your summer.


Cancer “The softest thing in the universe overcomes the hardest thing in the universe” (Lao Tzu).

One of the reasons that the crab (less often the turtle) is your symbol is because the crab is so exquisitely vulnerable under their hard shell. You often feel like if you truly gave in to your feelings of hurt and vulnerability you might never again get off the floor, but this is so far from the truth. When you finally realize that your vulnerable place is the strongest force in the world, you will be well on your way. The “protective shell” is costly to keep wearing, and this month is about opening up to your enormous strength and creativity and appreciating yourself as never before.

Leo“Laughing and passion-beauty and joy-is our heart’s truth, all else is labor and foreign to the soul” (St Francis of Assisi).

Leo is one of the few signs that never grow up, but only in the best of ways, if you can just allow yourself to be your childlike ( vs childish ) self. Many of you learn that you need to be more serious at a young age, and this can come at a loss to your true nature. This month there is an invitation to remember your childhood dreams. Your creative and passionate potential is beckoning, but you might have to stop taking things so seriously if order to hear the messages and remember those dreams.


Virgo“Science which once laid down steps to Self-realization, art, which once sang God’s likeness in earth-now “science” making machinery of exploitation, now “arts” singing the virtues of despoliation” (Francis Brabazon).

This month could be filled with important discoveries around some of your closest relationships, namely spouses or their equivalent. Even if you are not involved, you can learn about boundaries and your tendencies to put up with much more than you need to. Service comes naturally to you, which is part of your beauty. So is the natural purity that you embody, which can make you feel adrift in a world that can feel, at times, too corrupt to understand. This is a time to remember that these are assets, so don’t let loved ones take advantage of your service orientation. The events that unfold this month are likely to result in more clarity and less overwhelm for you, if you set the boundaries that serve you.


Libra“Have wings that feared ever touched the sun? I was born when all I once feared-I could love” (Rabia of Basra).

If you are stuck in any routines, than this month provides all you need to shake it off and find new ways of moving forward. If you aren’t traveling , than planning a trip or two will help you capture this new and adventurous spirit that beckons. Take whatever your budget of time and money will allow , as new perspectives will bring you the clarity, courage , and decisiveness to assert yourself in new directions and make a change that you have been contemplating for a while.


Scorpio“No matter what we believe we are, it does not change what we are, because life does not have an opposite” ( Kenneth Wapnick ).

As wonderful a person as you are, sometimes you are the very last person to be able to see this. You often have to see it in the people that you attract around you. What you fail to see is that these wonderful people that often gather around you are actually mirrors of yourself. This month is promising in the relationship department, so if you are already involved, you have the opportunity to appreciate yourself as well as your partner in a way that creates more understanding. If you are not involved, this is a great time to find someone who really matches your deep qualities of kindness and devotion.


Sagittarius – “If you surrendered to the air, you could ride it” ( Toni Morrison) .

Where is it in your life that you would most benefit through a surrender? You have so many wonderful qualities, and yet there are times where you keep choosing to be right rather than to be happy. Now you have an opportunity to realize that being right is totally overrated, and can actually be a lonely place. “I don’t know” can be three of the most empowering words in the English language. This is a month where you can make huge progress with a romantic partner, be it attracting someone new, or creating new relating patterns with your existing partner.

Capricorn“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer” ( Albert Camus).

Many of you have been doing a rather lengthy course in the school of hard knocks, and this is one in a series of turning points where it is time to do some serious patting of your back. You are the most graceful ager of the entire zodiac, which is symbolic. The reason you age like a fine wine is because you know all about hard work and discipline, but it takes you quite a while to learn that self-rejection is costly and ineffective. Once you start embracing yourself, the tides turn quickly. As you have probably already noticed, this can’t be faked . Many of you are on the brink of the invincible summer.

Aquarius“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect”( Mark Twain).

Nobody is more paradoxical and enigmatic that you, Aquarius. As an original thinker with many genius ideas, you don’t often find yourself thinking with the majority, or interfacing with the world of mediocrity in any way. In outward appearances, you are either super- conformist or nonconformist, though really you are a mysterious mix of both. This month has  potential to give you a push in terms of sharing your brilliant ideas with more people. It starts by believing in yourself and knowing that people need to hear what you have to share.

Pisces“The earth laughs in flowers” ( Ralph Waldo Emerson).

Part of being a happy Pisces involves learning to respect and even enjoy periods of confusion, as they are bound to come up from time to time. Just as a certain chaos may be necessary for creativity to flow, these periods of confusion may be part of an exquisite order. As you may be guessing, this month will likely contain a certain amount of confusion, and yet there is also big potential for inspiration and an ensuing change of direction in an important area of life. Stay open to chance meetings, synchronicities, and other events that might make your brow furrow a bit, as they are your clues.

Aries“A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us” (Antione de Saint-Exupery).

Rams are not known for being predictable or dull in the least, however, this month you have the ability to truly surprise yourself and those closest to you (hopefully in a good way). There is something that you are ready to communicate to the world, but persistent doubts have kept you from taking the risks to put yourself and your work out there. For some of you this might be painting or music, and for others it will be offering a class, a book , or even a blog. Once you get clear that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, you are on your way.


Taurus “The biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy” ( Malcolm Forbes ).

While for most this is a dynamic and fast-paced time, for the bulls out there this is more of a time to move slow, contemplate, and enjoy nature. Opportunities are available, but you really don’t have to do much of anything to receive them ,as they will find you. You are a most curious mixture of the most hard-working and yet the most sensual lover of relaxation in the entire zodiac, and this is the perfect time to start visualizing a career that will channel your hard-work ethic into plenty of down time for you. There is a new cycle beginning for you this month, so dream big now, knowing that you can make a living doing what you love.



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