Walking the Moonlit Path: Sagittarius New Moon December 18, 2017 

Happy birthday Sagittarius, and a Happy Sagittarius new moon to all! This month begins with an inspirational full moon in lively Gemini on the 3rd. This will be an excellent time for many activities, especially socializing with close friends, and artistic endeavors of all kinds (appreciating, creating, or both). Caution against trying to cram too much into insufficient time will keep the enjoyment up and the stress levels down.
The new moon will be on the 18th this month, in fiery, philosophical Sagittarius. Those born under this sun sign have a strong, independent streak and like to reach their own conclusions about most matters, particularly those having to do with religion, faith, consciousness, and education. They love to learn, and will continue to do so at all ages. They are also the travelers of the zodiac, forever wanting to see new horizons and explore other cultures. Sagittarians are some of the more buoyant people you will ever meet, and even if something gets them down, their typical enthusiasm won’t be dampened for long.

The Sagittarius new moon is often a great time for travel, but this year the Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius ( Dec 3rd – 23rd ) should be considered. These retrograde periods are best for reviewing and revising, but not necessarily pressing into new territory. No need to avoid travel, but going to a more familiar place likely will be more charmed than an entirely new destination. It isn’t the best time for purchasing items related to travel and communication, such as phones, cars, or computers, but if you do just be clear on the return policy and hold onto those receipts.

Lastly, just one day before the Winter Solstice, (shortest day and longest night of the year, Dec 21 ) Saturn will do it’s first change of sign , from Sagittarius into Capricorn, since December 2014. This is an interesting time to consider the past three years, and notice what themes may be coming to a close in your life.


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