Walking the Moonlit Path: Gemini New Moon June 2018

Written by Dr. Shara Eisen


Happy Birthday Gemini and a happy Gemini new moon to all. Gemini is the sign of the twins, and they are one of the most curious, intelligent, and versatile signs of the zodiac. These minds are lightning -fast, particularly with languages, literature, computers, and mathematics. They are known to be “jack of all trades” and may be equally comfortable repairing an engine, preparing a gourmet meal, or performing with an orchestra. They are typically well-liked, as they are truly curious about others and often excellent listeners. This is an excellent time to prioritize or expand your social circle, learn a new language, or plan domestic travel. Gemini rules the hands and they are often adept with them. It’s a great time to pursue activities requiring manual dexterity: sewing, guitar, and beadwork to name a few.

June begins on a peaceful and optimistic note. Gemini is a mutable sign, which translates seasonally to the 3rd and last sign of a season. Indeed, Gemini concludes the spring, and the other three mutables, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, respectively conclude the summer, Fall, and Winter. Mutability translates into a relatively easy relationship with change and it is typical of this sign to happily embrace changes of all kinds. The relatively rare Mars retrograde begins this month on the 26th, which lasts for two months and occurs every two years. Everyone will experience this differently to a certain extent depending on house placement of Mars in one’s natal chart (plenty of sites will show you this info, or consult your favorite astrologer to obtain). We will all have an opportunity to learn more about how we can be more assertive and hopefully less impacted by anger if we work consciously with the Mars retrograde this summer.


Gemini– “In my writing, I am acting as a mapmaker, an explorer of psychic areas…a cosmonaut of inner space and I see no point in exploring areas that have already been thoroughly surveyed.” -William S. Burroughs

Spring cleaning may involve the healing of some belief systems that have blocked you from appreciating your own wonder and greatness. For some of us, we were hurt by our schools and well-meaning teachers, and for others, it was related to churches or religious teachings. As you let some of these toxic beliefs go, you have tremendous energy for exploring new possibilities. There may also be some healing of relationships that have been on the rocks, particularly with siblings and neighbors, so don’t be afraid to take the first step. Be cautious of over-committing in this time out of unrealistic optimism and enthusiasm. Follow-thru is important, so only commit to what will clearly match your schedule and energy.


Cancer– “If I waited to be right before I spoke I would be sending cryptic messages on the Ouija board, complaints from the other side” (Audrey Lorde).

Be careful of a tendency to listen too much to the opinions of others this month. Your ideas are great, and there may be family, friends, or colleagues around you who foster an inclination to doubt your own visions. This is a time to be bold with your ideas, many of which are too original to be appreciated by some of the more conventional minds around you. Don’t hesitate to create a little space and maybe some boundaries between yourself and whoever may be leading to doubts and energetic drain. You are in the midst of a period of learning self-reliance, and you may be amazed to find out how extraordinarily capable you are. If fears come up, and they probably will, just stare them down and move right along.


Leo– “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” -Confucius

This may be a romantic time, and on the positive side, wishes and dreams may come true for you. However, romance can be a double-edged sword, as invariably no real live person can live up to the romantic visions that you concoct about an ideal partner. It is also likely that you give too much of yourself away in the name of making your romance work. This is a time to consider healthy and appropriate “selfishness”. We are taught that we should not put ourselves first, but sometimes we lose the beauty and clarity of our true selves when we don’t give enough consideration to our own needs, wants visions, and dreams. This is the necessary foundation for creating that truly ideal partnership.


Virgo – “My mother always told me I was blessed and have always taken her word for it.” -Duke Ellington

Balance is highly recommended this month, as you tend to overwork, overdue, and overcommit for everyone around you, while letting your own needs for relaxing and renewing be negotiable. I suggest appreciation and honoring of your own vulnerability by no longer making relaxation optional. It may even need to become the top priority. This is where your blessed nature will be found. You are naturally efficient, so if you are also relaxed, you may find yourself getting far more done and having much more fun doing it all than ever before. Career opportunities may be expansive, so be careful to not forget yourself and your needs in the process of considering new options.


Libra– “Freedom- to walk free and own no superior.” Walt Whitman

Answers come from groups and friends this month, so make sure that you are getting out there and finding the support of others, as well as giving your energy to others for a win/win exchange. Stagnation is likely to occur if you are keeping too much to yourself, or even just keeping your circle too small. Try to avoid any tendencies to be focused only on your family or primary relationship. If you are finding yourself thinking the same thoughts over and over, it is high time to breathe some new life into your world. So much opportunity for expansion and exploration await you this month, so ask around, accept invitations, try new things and go to new places.


Scorpio – “When there is joy there is creation. When there is no joy, there is no creation: know the nature of joy.” The Upanishads

This is a month for you to shine in the community or workplace, so if you have been awaiting your recognition, this could well be your time. If you are unhappy with your current job, this could be an excellent time to look into something that fits you better. It may also be the right time to ask about a promotion, better pay, or both. If your workplace is frustrating due to politics, inefficiency, or an overall lack of professionalism, this might be the perfect time to step up to the plate and spearhead changes that will benefit you and your colleagues. In both your personal and professional life this is not the time for hiding or keeping a low profile. Scorpio, you are one of the signs that need to find work stimulating, because you are inclined to throw yourself into your work wholeheartedly. You have the ability to find both joy and appreciation from your work this month.


Sagittarius – “The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher regard those who think alike than those who think differently.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

When you follow your intuition and inner voice you amaze yourself with how right on you are almost every single time. You have an easy time with faith and deep understanding, and often do a great job of staying out of the stress that impacts so many around you. When you just take care of yourself with plenty of downtime and time in nature, you realize that you know the answers to all of your questions. The challenges come when you fall into judging yourself and others, and when you fall into doubt. Pay attention now to which relationships in your life are supporting your intuitive strengths, and which ones are increasing your tendencies for self-doubt.


Capricorn – “The joy of discovery lies not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” -Marcel Proust

There is a certain stubbornness that you may be ready to move out of as we move into the long days of summer. There are issues to be resolved around money, and most likely these stubborn stuck places are keeping your earning flow down. It may also be that your situation is comfortable but you still find yourself worrying. This is a time to practice your ability to receive gracefully, as others have a great deal to share with you. Something in you still wants to work too hard and feels the need to be more self-reliant that what is ideal. Remembering to let it be easy is key for you. Friends and loved ones may be ready to come to assist with their time, energy, money, and/or ideas, so stay open, vulnerable, and grateful and you may be amazed to see how much easier your days can be.


Aquarius – “The butterfly counts not months ahead but moments and has time enough” -Rabindranath Tagore

This is a great time to make positive changes in your relationships, whether you are single, married, seriously dating, or playing the field. You benefit from putting yourself in the position of whomever you are relating with most closely, listening more, practicing more kindness and more patience. There are books and websites that deal with deepening communication and this is a key to long and healthy relationships. Romance means different things to different people, and it’s time to consider what it means to you as well as to the other. If you are single, you can consider courting yourself, taking yourself out for a date to a special event, restaurant, etc. The more you learn to treat yourself fabulously, the more likely it is that someone else will do the same.


Pisces – “Very often tremendous resistance will arise right when you come to some defining moment in your life.” -Sri Mooji

You may be ready for a new healer, trainer, gym, or at least exercise program. Your health picture can make a quantum leap for the better now, but you will have to make at least a change or two to reap the possible benefits of this time. Find the routine that you can enjoy enough to stick with for the long haul. Beware a tendency to avoid scheduling and commitment in this time, as a lack of boundaries and structure, is going to make you feel scattered, confused, and possibly depleted. If sleep has been erratic and insufficient lately, the commitment to more regular exercise is going to help. You may feel drawn to home projects and it’s a great time for working in the garden, painting your living room in some vibrant colors, redecorating, and all kinds of remodeling projects.


Aries – “A little sincerity is a dangerous thing and a good deal of it is absolutely fatal” (Oscar Wilde).

It is time to consider the dreams that you have been living out and ask if they are yours, or if, in fact, you are living the vision of someone else. Some of us have our life plan mapped out for us by well- meaning parents who never even think to ask us if it is what we want. Many do what they think they should do, and want what they think they are supposed to want. This is the time to switch tracks, if any aspect of this describes your life, Aries. You are blessed with a fierce independence and fiery strength that will allow you to throw off unsupportive conditioning so that you can be true to yourself. You are also one of the most creative signs. Answers to these questions can be found in how much your days are feeling playful and joyous. If either is lacking, it is time to do some soul-searching and make a course correction.


Taurus – “When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you.” -Lao Tzu

This should be a highly restorative month for you, and the more you prioritize your own wants and needs now, the more you will see the benefits. Taurus has a funny combination of being the most hard-working of all the zodiac, and yet the sign that thrives the most with plenty of rest and relaxation. When you finally allow yourself to have these, you can savor it like no other and hopefully, this does not make you feel conflicted or have you believing you are lazy. Some of the more nervous types in the zodiac say that they have to be doing something to be happy, but not true for you. You are the experts at knowing how to simply “be”. Try to question your strong beliefs in the work ethic this month, and prioritize your amazing gifts for just being. Great goals might include more porch-sitting, cloud-watching, and dog/cat-petting.