Walking the Moonlit Path: Pisces New Moon March 17, 2018 || Aries New Moon April 15, 2018

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Written By: Dr. Shara Eisen

Happy Birthday, Pisces and Aries, and a happy Pisces and Aries new moon to all!


We have a lot to celebrate now, as the spring onset descends: the vernal equinox and the beginning of the new year for the astrological and natural world. It is a time of new beginnings, yet Pisces, as the last of the 12 signs of the zodiac, has much to do with completing and releasing. The sun moves into Aries just a few days after the new moon, heralding the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Thus, it promises to be a month of releasing some of what no longer serves or is needed, while planting some seeds of new beginnings, which picks up speed in April.

     As the last of the signs, Pisces gives those born under it a great deal of wisdom and a strong intuition. They tend to be compassionate, giving people, often with highly sensitive natures. Even at a young age, they often gravitate to those less fortunate, demonstrating a call to service. They can easily comprehend some of the great secrets of the universe, and yet they can be challenged with taking care of themselves, so great is their altruistic nature. The Pisces new moon is an excellent time to get involved with volunteering, so this may be the time to give your local animal shelter or homeless organization a call. If there is an interest in developing your intuition, acquiring healing skills, or beginning/expanding a meditation practice, this would also be an excellent time for any of these. If you are like so many Americans who are not getting enough rest and sleep, while packing too much into your days, then this is a perfect time to reconsider this pattern and look for a better balance. We can aspire to move out of this human doing phase, back to the being that is our human being nature.

     Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and even if they have lives filled with friends and family, they always have some aspect of the perennial lone wolf to them. They have a great deal to teach us about a healthy self-centeredness. Aries consider their own ideas, needs, desires, and preferences important and speak up without hesitation or apology. They tend to not get confused or overwhelmed by the ideas and needs of the others in the family, relationship, or other forms of groups. This new moon may prompt us to ask some necessary questions related to whose visions we are living out. Have we learned to consider our own needs and preferences last, if at all? Do we tend to keep our ideas and opinions to ourselves, fearing that others won’t be interested or respectful? Did we have certain goals, passions, and visions long ago that we have lost touch with as life’s mundane realities took center stage? Aries is a passionate, creative, and intuitive sign that will happily follow the path less traveled if necessary. This is an auspicious time for all new beginnings in your life, simply because it is the new moon for the first sign of the zodiac. It is also a particularly excellent time for taking actions toward a passion that you have put off for someone else in your life, such a perhaps a dance class that conflicts with the time that your family would like for you to make dinner. This is the time to find those passions and make them, and thus you, a priority.



Pisces  L: “Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror.” -Byron Katie

March – Pisces, this month could be a turning point in some key relationships. You are one of the most magnetic signs in the entire zodiac. This means that you can be masterful at attracting whatever or whomever to you with seemingly little effort. Of course, learning how to do this magic on cue remains a bit elusive. This is the time where action will go a long way to complement your magnetism. The action will ideally begin with giving more appreciation and kindness to yourself. This relationship, you and you, sets the tone for all others, so be deliberate about putting some thoughtful effort in and all of your key relationships will benefit.

April – Some of your deepest beliefs are ready to be turned on their heads, clearing your way for much less suffering and hardship in your life. Are you willing to examine the beliefs in your life that may be keeping you small? Playing small can appear to be safe, and this is a time to investigate stepping into something much larger and better suited to who you truly are. It may be time to finally pay yourself what your are worth, which may mean raising your rates or asking for a raise.  Identify your grandest vision for yourself, and consider the possibility that the gravest risk lies in not going for it.


Aries ♈:  “I always wanted to be somebody but now I realize I should have been more specific.” -Lily Tomlin

March –  Aries, you are a sign of action, but this month your energy is really best used for planning. The spring holds a lot of promise for you, and you will yield a much greater harvest if you spend this time releasing some of the drives that haven’t served you. Consider what it is you are seeking and why. Some of this ambition may be about pleasing or impressing somebody else. This is your life and it’s time to prioritize your own happiness. Once you clean up and clarify your vision, you are an unstoppable force of nature.

April – There is a grand change calling you in the latter half of this month, and as long as you are tuning into this and moving along with the plan, the sky is the limit for you. Your sign is typically happy to move with change of all kinds, though there are a few of you who have to be dragged kicking and screaming into any kind of new adventure. If that is you, then expect some volatile moods if you are resistant, as you are filled with strong transformational energy that is in need of an outlet. Most likely it is your career that needs a makeover of sorts, though there may be a change of residence in store for many of you, or both.


Taurus  ♉:  “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” -Oscar Wilde

March –  Taurus, one of your key motivators tends to be safety and security and there is nothing wrong with playing it safe. However, there can be a loss of passion and some stagnation if we lose touch with our dreams. Dreams tend to be risky ventures, which is why so many of us lose touch with them. What have you talked yourself out of because it seems too risky? This is a time this is the time to reacquaint yourself with certain aspects of you that have been kept at bay because they didn’t seem to fit in. There is a visionary inside of you and you will have a boost of vitality as you integrate this into your life.

April – If you are in a new relationship, this month could be a great time to plan, or take your first major trip together. Now, major is relative, and for some of you this could mean an overnight in Myrtle Beach, and for some, it might mean skiing in the Alps. As long as both of you consider it a big step, that is good enough. If you are in a long-term relationship, travel will bring some positive renewal and a deeper connection. It is a very positive time for romance in general, so if you are uncommitted, this is not the time to hunker down on the weekend with your Netflix. Get out there and use your formidable attraction powers, especially at the time of the new moon.


Gemini  ♊:  “Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.” -George Burns

March –  Gemini, nobody is more intelligent, adaptable, or versatile than you, which can make it extremely difficult to settle on just one career. For that matter, settling on just one person can also be a challenge. You are one who thrives on variety, so getting the recognition you deserve is not always easy. Now is the time to find more understanding and appreciation both from partners and bosses regarding your needs for flexibility. You can hasten this process by appreciating your own strengths and not worrying so much about any shortcomings

April – This is a rare month for the butterfly of the zodiac, where there is a tremendous amount to be learned from silence, and this isn’t always easy for such a talkative one as yourself. If you don’t have any kind of regular meditation practice, which could be sitting alone in a quiet room, walking on the beach or creating a tile mosaic, then this is an auspicious month to begin one. There will be pulls from friends and groups, and you will be running ragged if you don’t take some extra steps to replenish yourself with some quiet contemplation. Part of your popularity relates to how much you give to others energetically, usually while having no idea that you are giving so much. It can have its upside, but learning to save more of your sparkly energy for yourself is critical.


Cancer ♋:  “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

March –  Cancer, many of you many of you are deeply attached to the values and traditions with which you grew up, which can be a beautiful thing. This month, however, you are likely to find yourself questioning some of the ideas and values that have been handed down to you. You may even find that some of your inherited religious and philosophical belief has even been hard on your self- esteem. You are drawn to broaden your horizons both literally and figuratively now, so consider planning some travel, or at least a trip to a new church, workshop, for class.

April – You are overhauling the way you show up in your most important relationships; romantic partners in particular. In the past, it has been easiest to give in to the vision of another, but this is no longer sustainable if it ever was. You are ready to step up and be a leader in a more visible and obvious way. Your keen intuition stands to make you one of the most capable of leaders, especially as you believe more in yourself. Your highly sensitive nature was not always appreciated when you were younger, and this has muted your intuition and confidence, and now it is all ready to change.


Leo ♌: “ Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” -Margaret Mead

March –  Leo, this month allows you a chance to slow down, catch your breath, and perhaps look into some healing work. You may find yourself feeling more meditative, quiet, and intuitive than usual and you would be wise to take advantage of this time. There will be plenty of action for you later on in the spring. You may want to take on some projects such as putting your financial affairs in order, though this is not the best time to take on new debt. If there are projects around the home that you have been putting off, this is a great time for home repairs and renovations.

April – If exercise is not a regular part of your life, this would be a great time to bring it on board, especially something a bit rigorous, of a cardiovascular nature. Your energy is likely to be high and in need of good channeling. If you already do regular cardio, you may want to consider taking it to the next level, balancing it with something more yin like restorative yoga, or both. You have some ideas to share now as well or a creative talent, and you need to put it out there. It is time to take a risk and put yourself in the spotlight.


Virgo ♍:  “Whenever we manage to love without expectations, calculations, negotiations, we are indeed in heaven.” -Rumi

MarchVirgo, The full moon is in your sign on the second of this month, and the opposition of the sun and the moon in the sky always has something to teach us about our closest relationships. Those that impact us the most are often so important not because they give us what we want, but rather because they have a way of bringing us to our knees. If we are particularly attached to control and to being right, we are likely to attract someone who can serve to set us straight and put us on a path to necessary humility and more joy. This is a time to be messier and color outside the lines, embracing the “I don’t know” mindset, for relationships to feel less infuriating and more exhilarating.

April – If you are like so many Virgos, you had to be overly responsible at a very young age, and so carefree play can be somewhat of a foreign concept. It is never too late, and this is a month where the most responsible thing you can do is what we are told is irresponsible. Stop worrying and working. Forget about efficiency, accomplishment, this list, and whatever supposedly needs to be done. It is time to relax, play, have fun, and let love and nurturing in. There may be a class or seminar that will give you a push in the right direction, and you may also be ready to teach about something that is passionate for you.


Libra ♎: “Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin as self-neglect.” -William Shakespeare

MarchLibra, there is a second full moon this month in your sign on the 31st. This is the second blue moon of the year, strangely enough, making blue moons seem ironically common. This means the month ends with some important lessons from the most important people in your life. You may find yourself alternating between reckless abandon and cool calculations. Just remember that your Achilles’ heel lies in neglecting your own wants and needs; a guaranteed recipe for resentment. For the win/win that you seek, be as fair and considerate to yourself as you are to others and the results will make you happy.

April – This month is about honing an amazing talent you tend to have for attracting plenty of money without too much effort. This is a good thing, so stop feeling guilty about it. You happen to be one of the signs that are more adept and taking it easy and knowing that things have a way of working themselves out, and these beliefs go a long way. You have interrupted this flow in the past with too much attention to keeping score; after all, you are the sign of the scales. Too much careful weighing can bog you down and work against your place of easy faith, as can too much preoccupation with wanting things to be fair. It may help to remember that we will always have a worm’s eye view of the universe, in some respects, and thus can’t truly grasp what is and isn’t fair.


Scorpio   H: “Dead people receive more flowers than the living because regret is stronger than gratitude.” -Anne Frank

March – Scorpio, you are known for your depth and can be the hardest of workers. This month everything will fall into place so much more easily when you focus on being childlike and keeping life lighter and more fun. If you were like many Scorpios, you were forced to grow up fast, with harsh realities taking precedence over the simple play of childhood. Take heart, it’s never too late. If you’re involved with parenting or teaching children, this could be a time to consider some new approaches that make the whole process more joyful for you. This is also a great time to take a trip or at least plans for some leisure travel in the spring, as new vistas may accelerate the lightening process.

April – Relationships can be fun, easy, and charmed this month, so do take advantage! If you are single, be sure and make this an active time. Get to the gym, the beach, play some sports, take a class, and don’t hesitate to talk with interesting people behind you in line. If you are involved, this is a time to shake up the routine. Consider adding some walking or running into your lives, or a weekly class that you will attend together. It is time to remember why you fell in love in the first place.


Sagittarius   I: “It takes determination to see a dream come to pass. The question is not will you start, but will you finish.” -Joel Osteen

MarchSagittarius, have you noticed that life has been conspiring to help you create a stronger sense of discipline to complement your astounding sense of enthusiasm and faith? You’re in a time of personal house cleaning, which can be literal or figurative. You may want to use this time literally for organizing or home repairs and this is also an excellent time for all kinds of therapies that help you to find clarity and resolution regarding your past. Clearing away some of the cobwebs will do wonders to prepare you for a major breakout coming later in the year.

April – Many people have flourishing careers that began as a passion or hobby, without a thought of money or livelihood. This could be a possibility for you. Sagittarius is one of the signs that cannot stand boredom or confinement and being chained to a career that lacks variety, passion or excitement can feel like a death sentence. Consider which of your passions might actually turn a profit for you, and this would be a perfect time to assert them. If you are in a job that does not bring passion or an interesting sense of challenge, this will be a likely time to call it quits so something more suitable can come in.


Capricorn  J: “Be a lotus flower. Be in the water, and do not let the water touch you.” -Osho

MarchCapricorn, discipline can be your edge or your Achilles’ heel, depending on how much you’ve learned to extend support and compassion to yourself on a regular basis. You are one of the few capable of practicing inspired discipline, which will allow you to move mountains. This is the flow that you achieve where you can naturally move with such efficiency that without even feeling that you are putting forth effort you manage to do more than what a half dozen workers can accomplish. You are moving into a period of more recognition and appreciation from those around you, at long last.        

April – Home will likely be a place of refuge, fun, relaxation, and creativity this month. Consider some projects around the homestead, maybe redecorating, beginning a new garden, or even just cooking and baking some new recipes. It is a great time to throw a party, as you do feel sociable, but your energy is strongest when you stay put. This is also the time to change up your look and style in a fun way. It could just be a new hairstyle or color. Don’t hesitate to be a little daring.


Aquarius K:”Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.” -Louise Hay

MarchAquarius, it is always easy to be in your head, theorizing from a safe distance, but this month features action. Life is going to work much better for you when you follow your brilliant ideas up with action and avoid the pitfalls of overthinking. You may find this to be a high-energy month and it will be important to channel your energy into projects, exercise, and creativity. You are not typically one to work for recognition, glory, or even compensation, and there are surely a disproportionate number of Aquarians out there quietly volunteering behind the scenes. This month, however, is set up to put you into the limelight, so let yourself receive what is trying to come to you.                      

April – While there is so much newness in the air with this Spring, you are immersed in projects that need completing and revising. You are moving at a fast pace, with plenty of demands on your time, and yet, your soul is craving solitude and quiet time. With careful planning, it all comes together in the best of ways. Family time is more flowing and enjoyable this month, so be sure and make the time to enjoy each other. Get away from the emails and the texts and get out in nature together. When you prioritize some of these fun and relaxing times, you actually get the needed rejuvenation that you need to thrive with the many pulls and projects of the month.